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A demonstration of a Java application deployed as an executable war with all dependencies included.


  • Startup/shutdown
  • Status page
  • Database migrations (TODO)
  • Heroku ready (TODO)
  • Logging with logback
  • Building with gradle
  • LDAP authentication/authorization (TODO)
  • Oracle SSO authentication/authorization (TODO)

From git to Eclipse/IDEA:

Prerequisites: Java 7, Eclipse/IDEA

  1. Download the project: git clone
  2. Build the Eclipse project definition: gradlew eclipse (alternatively: gradlew idea)
  3. Import project into Eclipse/IDEA
  4. Run all tests
  5. Start no.steria.turnkey.main.TurnkeyMain as a main class
  6. Verify by going to http://localhost:5001

From git to local running application:

Prerequisites: Java 7

Either: gradlew build && java -jar build/libs/*.war
Verify by going to http://localhost:10080/person


gradlew run
Verify by going to http://localhost:8888/person

From git to heroku:

Prerequisites: Java 7, "Heroku Toolbelt":

  1. Download the project: git clone
  2. Sign up for Heroku at
  3. Verify signup and installation of toolbelt: heroku login
  4. Create a heroku project: heroku create --stack cedar instance_name
  5. Push the code: git push heroku master
  6. Open the web browser on your project: heroku open

For more info, see