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Find the perfect tool for your next Sass or Compass project by easily searching by tag, author or keyword.

Adding Your Own Extension to the Directory

  • Add sache.json to your public repo.
  • Visit and click "Add Extension".
  • Enter your Github project SSH URL in the input field and click "Add".

Once that's done you should see a success message to let you know its been added successfully.


We love open-source projects and community so we've kept this repo open for anyone to contribute to. Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request with an additional feature or even a bug fix. If you are going to contribute: create a new branch off of master and open a pull request against that so we can check out your work. Please make sure you've tested your work thouroughly before finalizing your pull request.

Running Sache Locally
  • Make sure you install Postgres so that you can run a local database.
  • After you install Postgres, start it up and open Terminal.
  • Close the repo by running: git clone
  • Change into that directory and run: bundle.
  • In Terminal, type: psql, this opens the Postgres command line.
  • Type in: CREATE DATABASE sachein_dev;
  • Press ctrl + z to exit Postgres.
  • Now we need to migrate, run: bundle exec rake db:migrate.
  • Once that's done you can start up the app by running: bundle exec ruby app.rb.
  • If you are going to be changing Sass sheets, open a new Terminal window or tab and run: compass watch.

Now you can visit http://localhost:4567 and edit to your hearts desire.


Built by @hatefulcrawdad and @jhardy for the love of the amazing Sass Community. We love communicating via Github, but if you want to email us, please send it to


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