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AWS Account Operator


General Overview

The aws-account-operator is responsible for creating and maintaining a pool of AWS accounts and assigning accounts to AccountClaims. The operator creates the account in AWS, does the initial setup and configuration of those accounts, creates IAM resources and exposes credentials for an IAM user with enough permissions to provision an OpenShift 4.x cluster.

The operator is deployed to an OpenShift cluster in the aws-account-operator namespace.

Quick Start

This Quick Start section assumes that you are working on a team that already has AWS Accounts set up for development or testing. For first time setup, see the Installation documentation page.

First, set up your required environment variables:

export AWS_PAGER= # This is set so that it doesn't page out to less and block integration testing
export FORCE_DEV_MODE=local # This flags the operator for local development for some code paths
export OSD_STAGING_1_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID= # Your assigned osd-staging-1 account ID
export OSD_STAGING_2_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID= # Your assigned osd-staging-2 account ID
export OSD_STAGING_1_OU_ROOT_ID= # Your assigned osd-staging-1 OU Root ID
export OSD_STAGING_1_OU_BASE_ID= # Your assigned osd-staging-1 OU Base ID
export STS_ROLE_ARN= # A role you create in your osd-staging-{1,2} account with minimal STS permissions
export STS_JUMP_ARN= # A role you create to simulate the role that we use as a bastion.

Tip: You can use direnv and add the above block (with variables filled in) into a .envrc file (make sure .envrc is in your global git ignore as well). Upon entry to the aws-account-operator folder, the env vars inside the file will be loaded automatically, and unset when you leave the folder.

Next, get your AWS Credentials for the payer account you will be using and export the access key and secret using the following environment variables:


These environment variables are needed to be set the first time you deploy the operator locally. Then, run make predeploy to set up the required CRs.

Then, you should be able to run operator-sdk run --local --namespace aws-account-operator or make deploy-local, and you're up and running.


To test that everything's working correctly, we have a set of "acceptance" tests that we've compiled into a single make target:

make test-all

If everything is set up correctly, this should verify that.


This repository subscribes to the openshift/golang-osd-operator convention of boilerplate. See the README for details about the functionality that brings in.

Further Reading

To dive deeper into the documentation, visit our docs folder.


Operator to manage pool of AWS accounts for Hive




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