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Javascript (browser) client for errormator/app enlight

JavaScript 14 7 Updated Nov 24, 2016

Automatic mining robot for ComputerCraft (Minecraft)

1 Updated Aug 5, 2012

A very basic Clojure application which creates an Ogg Theora stream by taking screenshots. Could be used directly as a source for HTML5 video for example. Only tested on OS X

Clojure 1 1 Updated Jun 2, 2012

Some functional PHP helpers (5.3 only)

PHP 1 Updated Jun 6, 2011

A JavaScript library for real-time audio synthesis and composition from within the browser

JavaScript 837 115 Updated Jun 10, 2016

Some spatial data related classes developed for Doctrine 2 to be used in

PHP 24 7 Updated Aug 17, 2014

XMPP for JavaScript

JavaScript 1,391 267 Updated Jan 9, 2017

Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer

PHP 861 714 Updated Jan 21, 2017

PHP app which allows you to get parts of a library as separate zips. Developed and tested with Zend Framework

PHP 17 3 Updated Apr 15, 2010

Django inspired model form generator implementation for Zend Framework. Feel free to fork this and improve - I do not have the time to do it myself. You can find relevant information on my blog

PHP 32 3 Updated Jun 7, 2011

Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

PHP 3,420 1,657 Updated Jan 20, 2017


Python 101 105 Updated Nov 8, 2016

TankWar, a worms/scorched earth style Opera Unite application Install as Unite app: drag config.xml to Opera Non-Unite install: Copy templates/tankwar.html to public_html. Open copied file in any browser which supports canvas

JavaScript 3 Updated Jan 3, 2010

JavaScript implementation of the Bayeux protocol server, primarily for Opera Unite applications

JavaScript 5 Updated Nov 26, 2009