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Distributed and contextual social networking

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app Merge branch 'develop' into
bin bump spring
config Merge branch 'develop' into
daemontools update daemontools scripts
features Fix invitations and tests
graphics remove execution permissions from images and css
lib Precompile assets on Travis
public Drop no longer needed and too open crossdomain.xml
spec Remove blueprint code
vendor/assets/javascripts Replace pagedown by markdown-it
.editorconfig add editorconfig
.foreman Add vines as foreman task
.gitignore Merge branch 'develop' into
.hound.yml Disable SCSS linter
.pairs for now, check in index as a flat file
.powrc add poduptime asset
.rspec Replace spork with spring, update & use binstubs
.ruby-gemset Replace .rvmrc by .ruby-version
.ruby-version drop Ruby 1.9 support, recommend Ruby 2.1
.slugignore added a few more files to ignore for the slugignore [ci skip]
AUTHORS Adding in COPYRIGHT, AUTHORS, and blueprint attribution
COPYRIGHT Big clean up: delete trailing whitespace Merge pull request #5715 from svbergerem/bootstrap-port-streams
FederationProcfile basic federation profile testing stuff
GNU-AGPL-3.0 added license to every single goddamn file. also, put one in the root…
Gemfile Merge branch 'develop' into
Gemfile.lock Merge branch 'develop' into
Procfile Merge branch 'develop' into
browserlist add x-frame headers
redis-integration1.conf seperate and move redis dump files so they don't mess with installed …
redis-integration2.conf seperate and move redis dump files so they don't mess with installed …

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