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A native diaspora* client powered by Flutter.

This is still in preview. You will need a pod on the latest develop branch. Contributions are welcome, please open an issue if you work on something bigger to avoid duplicated effort :)


As soon as this is out of preview it will appear in the usual stores. Until then you have the following options:


Download latest nightly build

You can go to the releases page to download and install the latest build manually.

F-Droid repository

The nightlies are also published to a F-Droid repository which you can add by scanning the following QR code:

or clicking this link on your device that has a F-Droid client installed.

IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo

The app is also available via the IzzyOnDroid repo here. You have to add this repo to your F-Droid client first, you can do so by clicking this link on your device that has a F-Droid client installed.


Join the TestFlight group by scanning the following QR code:

or clicking this link.

Build it yourself

If you don't know how to build an Android, iOS or Flutter app, this is probably not for you! In case you want to dare anyways:

  1. Install Flutter
  2. Install Android SDK / Xcode
  3. Clone this repo
  4. Connect your debugging enabled device and flutter run :)

Contributing translations

Want to use insporation* in your favorite language? Head over to Weblate!

Implementation status

  • Android support
  • iOS support
  • Usable for content browsing and content creation


Roughly in order of priority, but contributions towards any of these goals are always welcome.

  • Polish design
  • System notifications
  • Post preview in publisher
  • macOS support
  • Linux desktop support
  • Web support