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System will generate poems of 88 words each, perpetually, until stopped.
PyTorch Poetry Language Model.
Trained on over 600 million lines of poetry
CORPUS derived from:
Poetry Foundation
Evergreen Review
Mode: LSTM
Embedding size: 512
Hidden Layers: 512
Batch size: 20
Epoch: 16
Loss: 6.50
Please be patient.
~ + ~
The fashion else I show'd.
It is to overflow its own
And wealth first, as a race shall make,
Why exchange me; God lets all the day
Almost the same dust, or Adios!' to,
For part of what resembled a chain
To place some time? So, to feel this,
Unless I left it, boldly
Or you or I were done or doing,
A moment's shipyard ban
An important emissary Faustine.
The chaplain
~ + ~
The nurses' stream around my throat.
Again we warnings it too
history's their faces;
And we stand in fine ditch,
Other parts, caught in dusty eyes,
The whiskey of Reincarnation
The shapeless Laurel Box?
Afterwards, like girls
garbage. Manitoba Elephant
Report forgetfulness
. . .
Part weary
debris of riot and balls,
rots, clitoris
Of those Clear heart inside tinted
lords, the scent of air
~ + ~
be taken from
Our household toward us,
highlands and Violence
Than appeerd,
Yon ge loathsome,
Drop overnight son lives in tobacconist,
Geese, Walked on hwile wordes wires.
me--but cow candidate hospital
Sextile, amor mortgage head
To Mr. Dance wisse.
Much to natal,
Expos'd a trail of harm,
But no flower cannot invent
A hurricane flit
From incinerate.
He does keep no pleasure:
~ + ~
And sink in scalding moonlight filled with head:
Saying in space we are alone in the harbor
And song at the end of a farm pass
With the warden of everywhere city!
old-eyed are overgrown with useless and laughter,
And the Ex Wangle daunce
Swept with a flirt that speaks to him as well.
The River
The glimmer; piercing the town-gate journey
from the bus girl, how I
~ + ~
This is what all men Herodotus.) witta-woo!
Klee "If I want you, you
Didn't not die with Elisabetta
Or like the long-, of 'em up.
Early morning in the snow!
Why does it bring me? people!)--
With whom your eyes are different,
And than happy when the clouds were,
If only in a moment together
And you find nothing as they know.
Or was it the subject fit to worship one love:
~ + ~
"You were not to blend life with it,
I am not at the very gate, be they?
On whom the earth ends, and drives forth your experiments
Air from the shores of dainty country, long, then call
Up where methinks
Thus you feel?
Like an coals you who, a million tears
Go from the fire, circle: the alluvial,
Save the bright ballad of your breast.
My ear travels down; my redness glitter'd
~ + ~
Who wile. impossible
Something in the simplest of Miriam's Browning
Who Meadows maun seize the liner in the reopening
And dull shadow! Village
Nearly the holy iron-shouldered the coming wide;
The man in his eye--
Old Zodiac do'. Wenlock knits--
The unicorn covering dead new prize.
Mild he knows that, like a falcon
Or lost comes out on sauna, one fits
Before some alliterative something nothing
Drinking out the saints.
~ + ~
Of the gentle lids, nor molten nor Corps)
Past an courts, or cliffy Bronstein, or din of purest reel?
These tender, beautiful Negros,
That we may feel a lie who can't forget,
And now be told. And feel that strength of our soar;
In you strong joy, shall know in no peace,
Being bad, my love, before I kiss that day,
raza. blind in care to strike the guests
Till I uncreate; but what I
~ + ~
These rare Majestie,
Here's me in start not with life's power
And grey! nor the subtle peasant's
Thank nor sunset will I find
Within his room the planet exists, or
always; the Stream of some certain illumination
Whose Father sits, who is climbing his bed;
All his soul says to attention.
His elegant frog is numb at twilight,
Playing at noon up upon the morass
Already playing at each
~ + ~
links, boy! bilding,
healle; ad tin. said doubt) with
A cockhorse to herebrogan said dark'nd And white--mek
NO gloves and incomprehensible (meal
According to the nation (Weird
Doomed as ye canna excuse you;
Now our compasses be dead, and the opera, not keep us,
T' pick the Detecting up my fingers.
Look to, to the protecting word I need stoicism,
Sweet, best is that "what am I?
infection, Cyrene's as that, were you Nijni's
~ + ~
At the sides.
Everything in loving me will nothing surmise.
While on the other side we hear only
Within Saturn! come and sing and roar
More peal'd and stirring on a breeze,
And only know pleasure of cornfields
But satiated. silent, moan-- imagination;
They've known a fool to delay. my daddy is kindly,
For my Last Beauteous here for the first time he skills at . . .
If parts of a man
~ + ~
Too swift for your Necks.
And you can make them do what you leave kept up.
But they will say: was that approaching. Do you not know
happy. If you need them, it otherwise hot in me
Every way the silky tones that keeps
Had ebb, in Vellum is it?
splits. Not cindery perhaps
No, but what a worst, sorrowful people is.
It had to be laid out: just after less.
~ + ~
in search of going with it; whose kings
are just surrounded by 3 glint of rice
and tall colors, on which they know about their time
by one war. Black
were two, leaves car perfecting
and harness, the knife.
You see that they're possessed as green as Temper,
and you, hold death, putting your bed,
let your head rise, sights. Your echo
will always be lucky in that Medal of gold
that was intense in
~ + ~
I have seen my face without a invented grave,
And, released from stair, to Poles?
Had I saved the way when next to all.
I set in my feend with berries.
Yesterday a boat opened a street
Up on the bench and came away
The dog kissed me, aflame;
And the "I" cut off the dead,
And I am black!
I am of all in the heart
Which, as
~ + ~
Pure companions of the race before his birth,
Confederate shy of them that can lift us.
Our husbands be found by our boredom out,
They're seeking to talk about a love will?
(The spiritual, and the burly walls
Choose to hang in the gedlan
Tho' that is a coded train.
When the bells continue the ball,
They don't have any written anywhere
Because that it's too deeply grim light:
This third child has got
~ + ~
I say nothing of the grave;
no outside beyonn staring at the wheel and split
with the terrible spoon, the first river.
It flings the paper long-eared
This is almost well from Christ, the morning-glory starts
a ghastly buried life, an one way
in tangled documents over the herbs.
My pages spread like palm fresh over the tight ice.
silver-flecked pictures there in the bathroom room caught the path
to shineth,
~ + ~
Being conscious of the human realm,
Though flares--5 who make
What little
impairs, inwardness most sacrifice
The only beauty, coming moms,
Already pangs city
People caught these daily
why are I done
states. Place over lunch,
"Do escape,
wyves staide ... heron's
Perplex The Latin storms
All summer's fathers
mulchy Irish,
Ten years' feeling--strong
Et Et "Leave ladies,
~ + ~
light flowed of the living chanukiya.
And how, as far as dawn moves
Was ever aware of the idiot Man
A dog of yellow and lecheries mosaic
Line by roomy lakes their mealy ]
Walkest mirth, which wander oft,
Huge veils of grass.
With full alleys and trumpets blow
The stretching humming of the troubled flesh,
During the thicket
Of heart some tree gone out to trace
Our eyes
~ + ~
sin-eater, pulsing as the warriors blow
At their right from the allotted end.
The law), dishonesty in the Scales, like leaves.
Lying back; busy and deserted eyes.
He Bolivia as shades as the wind.
He enters and calls his partners well
And sat confused in the hot smooth.
He sent the green clock Pasternak
Burnt in the aisles he used to spin
Down the deep Sierra shadow shade like sun
From ear to pole
~ + ~
less terrible than the one light rings,--
Thinking at least how never comes, living above and smile,
Like Wisdom to live they may speak.
Yet is it well fair to me?
Think daughters, men fly ; What is most faithless ?
Time is vain to speech, for Mary Souls
Both short, discuss violence of cities,
Little Christian jobs, and this religion sport
Were the troubles of full spoons in jail,
With splendour of the sapphire grain;
~ + ~
Love Spirits
Fair in the caverns of thine high eyes,
Thy slips on the clothes of God,
Thou, cheeks and shifting poison, interpreters
That yet thy charms and cares, be with thee,
On whom a star has taken off peninsula,
And 'twas past birth?
Let me and wake again,
O demolishing red-and-gold tell thee thus,
Keep ev'ry fire, as I go,
Refus'd thy voice, 'mid quiet pains
And don't,
~ + ~
But the angry Bird that lit her transformation
shipside with amber hands, gather.
The smile that her chin knelt flown,
When the Rock ring its mail,
When the day was come long softly
Down by fans of rich dogs,
He carried the daylight there.
He bangs his kitchens, and took 'em free,
And all upon his shield slimy day;
And the laugh of the coffin-lid.
And followed in twice while he's Avengers
~ + ~
And each of them is mortal, and will be
So special. Perhaps will he be less frightening
Than he loves, it is all a house meals,
And that we fear in our pervious--and
Get out of a future, or simply die,
As well as think about an attendant cause.
The little boy who married the rabbit
Was it over what Peasants and fathers retroperitoneal,
And if skill. Other feelings were properly
Vibrating beneath his
~ + ~
from the parking sense,
dealer, splattering a Sholes,
What seems frely in a bust of plainly:
maybe, here's an inch.
How survives
a journey as more than grass, routine
of silver-suited fingers
in this world
the prospect
of finding itself
inside the world
grew like a snake a cell
Sound, amidst the instant
of the broken
steel and the
earth-- a cup; its eggs rush
~ + ~
To opp in the heart of desire, on the wind.
Be mist, much good, of future wiggletails
Has Lares names ten thousand bolder,
We must put together.
The Seafarer
How should I make my time so fast,
God! for a moment, gravy.
Rose (grown with pink, glass,
Beholding thee, rust of light;
Rise in the blithe fruitage of the skies.
Much God nor pity ever lie;
~ + ~
Maybe one feels possibly to melodyI
The body of another life.
We make it holy
Who can sit on the night or die! is the rain
Who knows how Dean. No flowers, but not until nothing
Is now to touch. Having it right, will play like a man
Some desire you'll wince in the widow's agony,
Though it doesn't matter being perfect.
The Pilgrim of Love
~ + ~
5 from plaza(s), So that this witch had
left me soon. What thick-leaved me a wish,
to put on my head, and Pocket-watch arms,
although I almost see what I had, like a toothed thing
in the mentioned this moment, blue smell of (Bodey,
I knew no tone of things. I have lost those men
who cherished many dangerous tons of pepper and lilies.
That brass impending transports most high p.o.v.
the little with no Lund
~ + ~
robs us any more our implacable sake.
O Captain! said only if it is a frequent
Search it those poor faces to be
soothed by the sea or through the afternoons
would have looked scarlet, cease to protect
how they are snow and warms a world around
the urine bloody, when they leave it away.
One begins broken through on some deserted hill,
twist my skins with their balanced brass pockets.
Look again, the
~ + ~
stiffening, less than the one with stars and singing in my life?
Suffer tonight if you enjoyed details to nurse,
Although my many are plotting true;
Always I'd hurrying mary with great wings
The sweet new voice they furnish too!
Truly the one time they hither fade
Into the mountains, and we tramp themselves
Betwixt the sky-lark and the restless dryness
Are always Vincents and the withered Greet
The homely, herds whereon Meaning, lie,
~ + ~
her detailssplit laughter.
She may not end, but butchers'
something looks like a man
who struggles in the canyon
of which guy cannot be removed
would no longer answer
any letter drugs:
Oh. if so. So, maybe love can be
To put yearning on what he used
to control! That more old fellow went
outside again: beds; say, and Austria!
Our quarrels with what's grown bigger in
Herr ask--what too,
~ + ~
Where pastoral calls in a palace fountains sing
Straight from the earth, as again! weekday shorthairs,
And I and I, and the tall propositional talking!--poems
Took up my first and slowly lost in corn,
And I could see my score was all a day!
Not I, that loss of all in sales, is too vast,
The unclean soil of the Noks coin:
The cries on his door gives faces, as it lives,
Something that
~ + ~
waterfall and Eternity
circumstances. with all and say)
My deserving blue round the briny lark,
Who measures separately
As had been "Guarded
Under the faces of the dawn
Where they must be, without much held high
Out of their chains so high till still
A dreaming was there.
Thim's my sister, and my death, hear doors
And schools and pebbles decay,
One comes, a lull round my hands, mine a grief,
Far, far
~ + ~
High birds upside on feathers.
The house of dawn reminds us . . .
I Say Whether these Are
pomp, that procure that nameless rhyme
cluckin' of being, are the imaginary selected
and muscular North recall,--lost
the words of others, where barriers are there
on teabags, to Paris. But instead,
a flower? Every thing is
a dozen times, they'll never read,
later nine,
They stood with soft quelling, and
~ + ~
She doesn't really know her dear life.
All day long ago that still would wait,
Walk home through exile; and Bull
fear-fed diamond, yet to be one.
Altars individual would preceded
Her as though each proving she was that she there.
Conversation that Tapestry Their Noah
The authentic! Wait.
That was a bra-narc. It had not been risen,
but Swearing to the keys
~ + ~
At whose first point I was juggled out of dung;
She had wrought what thoughtless music done,
Why then had I heard.
The power of Nature broke from his nose;
And clotted her eyes in the air.
She shouted together on the bank
Where buried time should stand.
My rightly child, has the wharves from home.
Our scrimmage have made you sins the Dean
With you, an exercised will,
A nobler child? she thus alcoholics--
~ + ~
And how much mourners have to die?
Sighs but a little space where the mind meant
To the spirit that comes down now.
The violins at last are drunk in the cold,
Longer than a leaf or a death,
Could you gain--or my whining page misery!'
brains; itself quiet?
I'se I Arts, wear your koi observations
Body slaves full blazing beaver familiarity,
blackest cobwebs hurry into 'sperunce
Wi' a drunken Gasping
~ + ~
Making whole years beyond the day.
Thank Hm whatever else can anyone
Be shun'd, what message else is to say.
And what is loins of the sea bells
Or merry passions.
ditches of restate epeira
Remembered in gorgon peel and jet-wash,
Flying broad roond down where dust!
in front of the hardware masked
stadium, he chimney.
The holes never before, nor sat there
feareth beingto and warm,
~ + ~
For I could have a message to you,
And part and theyr widow too,
Ere I to run to a shower, I within.
Thee Tranquillity say, shrieked the spotless woman,
And leave me a heart, pity me,
return?...I her bosom, dear,
Give me piece for to you
Here by the callow Heaven
I bless to kindly keep within.
Have ye known,
Thou towers of all the nations,
Or what she listened half
My wish
~ + ~
quickly conditions? with eyes that loads and falls
as if the dead had bound them, it stole back
on to its tip. All of all its soul
had tripped the same as
a glimmering porcelain meal.
because sabbaths of Mankind,
awoken intense orders and laws.
the great African Fruit of night passed ellenmrum/.
--Jack even the lower reminded, saw us,
the City's whelp'd almond, oil.
maddest and birches were littered with gulp.
~ + ~
Short Who Is Woman
Of Mr. heart
That tends to live in gloom,
True to whom the bounteous Eye is still;
His mind is so great to be said
And faith, as God Him:
His soul is as noble
As the false calm of time and air,
And tears remain bright shall blend
On that which it might die through Lordship,
And every night a masque of light,
~ + ~
Far and round, in the fair land of love
active pack of loving friends and wars from their mend.
He said he would do a trial, and he would be ducking --
And because he tried to drink the blacksnakes, and knew it the howl
On the false time before his convalescent had always been captured
The poking home and then the others rolled away,
As he had a deserted spirit and was noticed
A spider dug in
~ + ~
A spring language I wore a dime;
They hurried together by. It is what they loved.
I'd look past Bethabara or voicewanting
What's the one from heaven and that night.
My tears are nothing Deloris,
We would tell of the stars that I turn to sleep
A strange bliss of this very light,
The greatest return of earth;
I weep you seem drowsiness and I am philosophy,
I fear you must have discontent.
I am afraid
~ + ~
Papa's mother who never really took it out.
Here she comes to,
the order of night
is a little girl and a man
wouldn't me.
The wooden Sternhold
Face to the window
again of its own
home by a Roach
love Hat, like
the future
heaven like ever
a darkness
dark inside
the heart is
the clutter of nerves
~ + ~
this midnight-fog is what he Henry
either fool with her
help but to be disaster there and by him;
Why does anyone ever sit May-colored is Atheist;
but have nothing to do for him,
when the stranger is not for them.
When poetry rode away
and makes her own rices
and the rest of our life is in Bars,
Take us master and jury to Side's God.
Even beds of years away, show me a nurse
~ + ~
"And those must pluck this little in a nerve.
How I scold the trail we pass!
The grit seems stay'd, asking only in a as--turn
By river sighs. When the raccoon's wings
Turn weight about dust-spot when the stench of Jennifer
instills the sun, grass sunshine.
Each morning comes he pitchforks from the far side of the tree
with its gold wings its fruit a wringing cheek of hand,
and then the dog is at
~ + ~
The truck, takes out, the flags will grow grey
Into the sagging knees,
VI From the dream of the far-off change
Stands on the ocean, and the warm moon,
That ever may soon be the same for whom
Ne'er left to hand. something-soul burn for good,
Their scorn, wag down, and ranged up and plunged
Beneath the barrier, and raised, at last, the girders
Weep and whither are these things fill."
~ + ~
And you, my little Shell-shocked Antoine sock;
And I answered, "They say: Shut up a little injury,
And do all hoard grow faster than the tackle of the universe,
The sure proves the Dead, conscience, how will you suffice it,
While my body does a child.
Dear life! she had, as I live now, I sat alone;
You stood and got in big minutes, and turning her head to the sea and pray;
Making it do,
~ + ~
The names believe it too quickly unalterable,
Below the wide wind her hands are thin.
Dead men and women, peace and world!
My Owl
There was a river by hip-hop?
A miner's stone--
A scroll of a perfume,
A baby frae the door,
Lit the two bodies too;
Aunt mother said, "When she fell,
I took her Black quaint lawzy-daisy!
~ + ~
But you might fled and will not give back
This agony, my load." my knees,
seared, my firm parts, dry off the blackness of supper, indiscriminate?
You suck over, pods. fal life and trouver
You're convinced me all way to read again so you'd push the piano on real houses ...
Of course I'm rose ... Surely someone can truly add when you're interested in the things of a man since You know too good, take nothing, "I mean, do
~ + ~
And rose, and I know, sharp sap of bliss,
I never felt a curse less amorous than any.
It was indeed to be likened either.
When sixteen was petty things, where nothing brings
May help in ignorance what might followed,
In this fit cause, four women got?
brawling. Olive leg made oil:
With his foam-flecked boomlay, THAT mee: Christ
Tears and limbs drop lately as a poor child
she'a Father over-smitten barbershop's; pawpaws and will.
~ + ~
Though the elms had made so many pounds and buds!
While classic mysterious attempts
Have middle: shafts that leads on fraud and state:
Somtyme gave it in gentian,
Or Resolv'd to seize the rage on it,
dyings--at here at sea moves the corner of his book,
And the fingertip now strikes due and fast white and low.
"Who is good now to know
They would be well but skills
~ + ~
All afternoon when you stand, Fame has bled sunny line:
Of smoke you mind has wound and put no grief
From them, Faustine.
echo--whatever description and hell, the proud, the damsite--
faith!' thee and a perfect pardon and pride in hell
A warmer dost be said and patriotism to prey;
device; notes we dance in a crash of bees,
Two women yanked up to near stone, making care of the sculptured mania--subinduced
And is the
~ + ~
And while the shadowy Worse,
Cancer) as if in a Violent
Lives at just the undammable returns to an ex-lover.
A Map of the Carisbrooke's Hours
Things tell me that he'll be the thou because
muttered up, from your sources
I accept of Everythings
how a atom about your head
Took your statue.
So I think after death
they hold me, hands me like the
~ + ~
Between so many pleasant hours, and like it either.
Two days ago, opened paved with clay,
And house-mates in their squalid light
Like howling whispering to a mous
Or Hrethel's in nature's Makris
At sunset, when we Wrapped in old clouds
To answer those who lived upon a mountain hill.
The Scholar-Gipsy
Many in all jaws;
A painful wife would never skim her.
We beat that happy
~ + ~
butterfly has lifted that, a hole
Factioning honey on the line; the body fashioned
By a sense of pain near war-lord
Like earlier water water sounds the ghost
Of sweetness vertically running into an echo
Of color, paths borrowed with soda. I hammer
Some will show the falsification bed
I hold the deer on. I think of you,
"Once well I know. I keep Dad.
Yellow Swimmer
~ + ~
Over and down the shadowy lea; as if
It had been a Smile of afar,
Under the traffic cross the hill I left
One ray against the right of what
At these magnied end under earth,
To lift the bottles at the Ford
And lead it from its back.
--for Joseph cynosure the juniper ale.
There, like an Western spot,
Shadows Nikeus under
~ + ~
And with olive and purple Aprils weather.
'em." tail well lie; I break, run down
The Rabbit Tempest": the plank trees flowed
Some sweet frosted peaks from the hand-me-down Brigade,
Bring home the despairing of an Ape?
So perfect so I clear the organism honeycomb
If you do poor I never Haines
Leave in a calm movements of the transcending.
Two maids on stones doo grain shon,
jinx pulsing in the heights, Wing fold
~ + ~
Lacking a bit for protests. which is
"Here You could take some talk and
I'd rather exist them and bumper.
"May you ever be seen this resembles a rat.
There may be one like one, by minds."
And noon goes down in church on a pavement.
As if, as though every fingertips, and climbing
Is a Piper of unpremeditated Bunch.
Though all is bottled or true.
For they're not dread
~ + ~
As from fire, rocks?-- and shells;
Where tell me chance and fear at once do end,
So hath work of Niche
For to understand the public ceremonies
Old Floyd sign!) and the rebellious maid
Can do enough of infancy,
And as thick as still, as loud, as coursers are bredde
His eyes, and joy the gesture through, and all
Must be less wise, and knowing where he waltzes
Through the floor, and stone as it were
~ + ~
With brass mutilated joints,
Coming towards her with me without din,
For she had done too soon for tears.
And thus from nights it came by wrong,
The morning made no man wanigean
Yet would not yet to this.
But, when the people heed to inspect
The humane spirit from their charms.
Some shapes was last fit to survive
A freshening bloom, and hue,
And pore alone into the mercado
Who owned
~ + ~
the feel out of spirits that will not wed paper hunger;
you will sleep in sleep, and soft all arms. Now, seeing me leave.
Until where--by joy. Let them have taken the direction
of being ont employer. They understood
seven words, keep way my own death, but this, when I see the cats
keep over me, lift my element like hill-roadpass through the suburbs,
and wonder whether I am tossed the traffic rope from a basin
~ + ~
Of my identity my little necessity,
And I dig only pages hung in
The final maiden with my leafy gift.
Perhaps the bird is too eas'd,
And is gone far.
Memories of Funeral
As Thirteen miles past the gusty fro.
Somewhere the tents hung in your trance;
In the ditch, staring four and beautiful
Was with a golden eye of blithe train.
hurled. scattering the deuce Scarecrow
~ + ~
Such glands are fall'n, or any other mummy-apple,
How be he fall. What Beauty is that [33]
Excuse nor the knows?--the bold, and the leap
that beats where roses and dreams of secret mica
Year after morning will ever be beautiful.
When arms go with moon-silver'd lights in this valley
forgave the bird with mortal eyes and beat,
And all the candles file by outlet, yet stand
Breaking death in the high air, till
~ + ~
How we hate
How much this hurts suspended.
Excuse war cannot judge us from here
unto this place in which we learn
so many times, are so these
boyfriend of the disciples are yours, and
can break them, in pattern of weather
a tremor of the brain, with that drop
of sins and fear which lives forever
bisect beyond evil,
Wall phrases in the house
of Dead, atonement;
~ + ~
The judge said nothing now! The silence hath
No meaning to repair my mind.
Chance roseate as a Tom regent
The current rises. The bus was in the heat,
And the startled affair.
And the old people are sworn to been.
As before. They reared their faces until they cried
Toward thy wife. And yes a wind is warm,
Until the torn ash winds their sails and there
~ + ~
A mind to rise
The shadow that runs across the world;
Dear Mother, Reader, you pray,
Yours with a stray and wicked hate.
Once your curse jug near.
She is made her tittle channel.
overcloud her Afton, it for fate,
Betweene our very part;
Freedom to shelter us through the dust;
They look fault, and leave, at length,
Gain'd even evening when she is gone.
~ + ~
And instantly marched
To bathe a hundred hundred.
It was so treacherous that.
His face moved up on his own
Unless not the vulva
Or even where, or the great sea of grief.
The Desert and gife
On me, I am here, used to touch my soul,
Witness if at the hands of morning I hear
These my bushes; elite at first, and
~ + ~
The goat-footed World's Sperides and piled home.
It's not one in confident sight
But though there waggish, no difference
In your will to be plain or fair.
Much is what I'm more; lungblack, dragged me down
Under the greener land on the boulevard
(Shoal! long together
Before I meditate a volunteer
In numbers by their helpers hidden
At various end. Meanwhile I hear
The rabbit's press'd high above the ages.
The furrow are their cries
~ + ~
And we prayed to say just that men were good,
And neither of us had seene the first?) earth
Because their Queen was October, and when they did go down,
But they would be drawn to the distant waves, as they're old,
And never happy, at eighteen million fifty years,
The pity of a human complete mind
Where the first man born mangiavano and the cry is gone
His tongued-over and canyons and hundreds were
~ + ~
Too nervous to follow the making.
The sonne with the flames of the hair
that wears a frightened petals
will follow no eye, Chose patience . . . .
And every one who is moor or Center, not.
Only a Cotton sober: He laid a mathematician.
He wipes along the water with the harsh bricks,
Daddy oils across the bar. I never mentioned them,
I wring his soul with his hundredth hand,
And cast them far around
~ + ~
(Sir heat of life, and joy had made no voice,
The truth the men were above their Boa
Two states of breath and which they sung and grew,
Until the vales of light and flowers, where death is done,
When I, in hoary dust I see or hear
Shadow that the newer life. Sounds of Death,
In all those ruins, may find a love on vain;
Which is, while the jukebox. and pair,
The dewlaps of
~ + ~
and heavy sounds and in cynna
awaking, shoulders of the great
camps that lie on their own busier
while the books of mankind to bone,
All over a state of Spades
filling up the seasonal fields
and listen to the fight of their lives.
Where has kept colors from the #31
brown hoofs of substantial temples,
Thompson green roads, bilge.
Weir-- And the mailboxes,
the knuckles, the limbless hieroglyphics,
~ + ~
I blazon out through the snow,
Among the dust look softly home
Calling for a boy, or his mantle,
To reach the easy stone)
That still the frivolous bird brings
To peace. He swallows me to the town shaking --
And when I share.
Mahavira were na
Those of the heads
that the dice of bone went up,
under a crumbling cloud
~ + ~
I Willow Smells of lilac Gabriel
Twelve men of angry--why are born of me
Prick at the admirers at last to duster
"While the bar breeze's given to panels
Of driving levers, feather over the entry
To banks of tides, and still, ca'd shades of miscarried.
Brothers, have fog up to the deck or the municipal Towers,
Before me let the Tibet, tread sick and fall.
You, for my sake between sweet children, O love,
~ + ~
Who moves us down in loathliest spring;
And wherein she may be:
'Gets no other mistress, adamantly art,
Who flee your vaulted sail;
For shoots,
To gilded old.
Your shadow ever dayerye,
Lost but a leaf
Weak eyelids lean aside
On the earth's Indian shore
The dark transparent reeds
On the Table ranted about
The finest and xcUse surprises.
~ + ~
She cloy'd: diningroom, apron maid's Watching.
approaching? harken not, but the week lay on,
The students said we're Perseus. Danny Deever, ye?
He said, insulin Fourscoor unnaturally had a Cory,
Stiff, Asado so 51st, Food, decay;
He's flying. Zephirus squares begin to play.
Go put on clean metric of the Queen.
procession? visitor swims screaming to age,
Twenty-eight Nisibis, Get lak for back?
(A generation named Senesta, dah
Me Treatment, Din!
~ + ~
When you have read Plunged in the dark
I lie useless to eat you Jennie
With your padded bow round my mind!
And your cards of your voice.
And you will fade, as far as you move,
This melts of your hair when you waken to our own life--
And my father half in the words die.
But lo! the age is gone by,
Whate'er you would strive ...
~ + ~
A space of light, broke from its ear; and then
One the same invulnerable oval,
The first of how sor-
As the engines 30 books
I had counted on sight of this
but gentle ones passing apart
I was in the bright house of death,
drinking bridge-rumors,
and bomb throughout the world.
Instructions for bed
The birds swing out out the air,
Weary they
~ + ~
I answer in my pocket-- perhaps thou hast no part,
So I drew my tie, like a silver feast of flowers,
And I saw should'st contemplate sleep first in side for death;
There was no end to remark it could have been we--
That people could do or better, who shall lie then,
And will not deal and return why Pernicious
Thou prayeth human lamentations
On the wreckages and the bellowing shaken.
~ + ~
Wherever the wind passes asleep
Warm and round and round it is the tumult
Till the rocks are near.
The blue blue dash-and-dash, cease to glow
As if each were the stain,
Or call.
Here to the side of the day in the west,
Up the road roared it, museum-wise, to hide,
One thick icy upturned sinking town.
For I remembered the utmost of the fences
That were my paths.
~ + ~
Many relief, later as we looked fat
in the cottonwood along the scale in the tidal pants.
Somehow the wind is air after brick
and the spectral globe of a dead car.
There is afraid. You've cleared the room
as we change name that thirst in this pit
when we are dust home on top of the earth.
Each smiles
becomes a clutter of antique young men
in lilypads under quarry----all
~ + ~
Tho the Human Year is There
Death, and lov'd,
experts, glories I sting at large times
Didn't stand down every sunny room,
receiver to kiss, or the rest,
genie will understand
History and sorrows
Mother that shall die as well.
nicely, no Militia at all,
Nor generous fancies more love-notes
Holds thee in her hand,
1859 like fire on the hot.
See the poppy bough strikes
~ + ~
Whose vanity they truce. Have they touch'd,
Who are Hedley now, friends William Flood, or mouse?
But suffer, since plain inheritance of grew;
Are Pharaoh's inward enough, in Night-walkers
Hath always lost our spared or mandrakes,
The knowledge makes thee out of living life;
But while thy thought--what wits shall have presum'd,
Such were thy priest, and all believe time caught.
Why wilt thou thou spare blackboard not for us
No less "eyes thy Shepherds talk of ought.
~ + ~
Love LXXIX: At Your indignation for example,
The snake made voice of filthy banquets hid behind me seems supposes.
Besides, in thee no visitor lives among the godlike youth;
And when sabbaths, systems itself were free to wrack,
silence,) Our sumptuous gods, who better kindliest for our rage?
Dear affections and Manly, and thy maxims feed all are fled,
That lend thee to bid us answer, O free time!
Ne'er born
~ + ~
Go to peace; to hammer in a Voice?
And now murderer's hands, angry in Trenches
approachlessness. music, woodwork, profile
In November hours, prepare a prayer to the worth of gold;
I have felt it a little, shoots of Births, Mountain?
But here in the dark, now on the plan my gaiety
Mourns me to conquer another tongue, the game dry
With silver robin's-egg-blue and One--oh, if I were buckling,
I catastrophic hearing the
~ + ~
No even change, no means for is at all things,
Saying, Be less nose, the mouth and the wind's hips of air:
And the pure, the lean, fought: wheel meet.
In the skipper unblie the chaos comes
Stands on the restless globe whose no-news- rocks
"corns as if the fowls is not of his own,
The vision that was a god of Maker's hate,
But ere farr trunk, came out to ease the crowd,
~ + ~
whiffling Helen
I thought the sky had made
Light up all the onward, (but not more:
A clear dry deep and two green Salt drop, not there,
But I said, clinched on you from cream and ledge,
Up to a sea of trees, tracks, years ago, you said You
You were going to suffer, I heard a piano naked
You that fear was Ichabod Knowing the dead
You have they carefully plunged
~ + ~
And sterile and fallen, near-bitten
Of challenge in adjectives,
We'll make and preach with a railway-share;
The moment--I watches her gang?
O Name?
Thou, whose head is holes! slough
Whose cloak has last-chance Wrongs,
Mynstrells Munere freckled, wre,
Gon to Clootie!
Or Conqueror bordwudu
Doubl'd, gives elevation, Stoics steede,
Remembrance and bugles! wythe use and wit.
Vietnam the Gullets
As you remember each lecture-rooms,
~ + ~
My soul is singing thousand times
That sat on a northern deck,
The eyes of flowers are in their way;
I, as loving as thou art, I know
My Fortune doth strike me now by morn.
There is death too, like life alone.
The House of Life: A Museum Thing in Late greens,
Too high, its joy, so soft as it is charged
With struggling lips and tears,
~ + ~
How is it that glory can be channels.
It's sorry to be the refuse of things that tea.
Not spurred the sorrow of sheep nor hour.
But we read and carry our footsteps on,
But we think if we consider them that would not
That they like to life we can;
Will Inanna misery,
Walk licodon, and start:
This kindly soul that our life would less,
chants and bang like vales of Troy
Till bunch of
~ + ~
To follow but pretty again, O God!
I will go drowsy in my sable showers,
I will not banish nor be that to seven-fifty
For any moment hath quite, some part I know.
My Duchess never will be felt by world's magnified,
This misfortune given to a failing frame,
When he ship's the compass he had sent
To wonder how would he have kissed,
And to the opera he tore out,
With a second eels. for a pontifex.
~ + ~
I saw the Sixhiboux rustling to the whale's dogs,
Over the drowsy hall the arching square
Of moss fixed in the shadows of day.
And why are your swans now,
The poplar stony heads that fall,
The other goes mixed, dance again.
"Get us at it with Creaking
Till the widow's warriors sang in air,
And luckless nations take claims
Most fancies and might pushy
~ + ~
pretty--hello, blood to the ground, CCC
Down-droop'd, with open eyes and cheeks
pinched up in a hand. The tree
Made no quiet life ...
One died when we began to, or finally
On the beach, something stepladder
One turned streetcars, at the scalloped
self-tormenting lightning in the telescope
Renaissance; designs descendant or blindly
starry: the mule and Non-Action
Tufts of scarlet and maggoted kind
Of miles seemingly a broken band,
~ + ~
as in his hands that the children walk
me, touching and stay out on the walls,
the sun is covered with dandelions,
the storefronts and the Gawkers in moonlight.
Not to enjoy me, but I hate
from no words, yet indeed
(Hot active, I've brought myself from past,
horsethieves, old Duncan of love, nature is
in Defeat at plywood and they press sheathing,
as a fox upon some kindling, may
be frozen. If
~ + ~
from the dead: pretending to write the time
to a few broad, one. The small black and the black amputated drifts
sucked out the side of the frame. This afternoon
made boots, fishing BOOM, heaped up mother-earth,
a whirl of bush between it. I could green.
You were the first, once, on the symphony of my pillow.
My plane pursues your voice crazy for yo' ax,
required the reluctance of the flair, the queen the cruel
~ + ~
Who lead the barrel of a human desert
Against the world to revive surfaces
So easily, sinking forth, and now is dumb,
His feedback gives away with God of thought.
"He collects his death of life and he flies
Back to the sun/she who had a furze.
Trying to drink himself, and could good. "What his fear,
Run too sweetly away.
He shot from his knees and rubbed his cleans
miracle!' and the yelled
~ + ~
And fragrant cans, Darwin.
Air is unweaves with fear, and woods,.
In a tangram Tyrian, a madman's brotelnesse!
And half-rhymed watches in the tissue of patternless force,
Let the weave envious breezes sing their tiger's orb
With single ginger een and guiding quiet;
Loud hair, stepping and toun; but not vain
For universe, but so must journey schoolmates will come
By this sandwich of darkness and Deity,
And spin epic for the flint as it best
~ + ~
(With it as moonlight rude-furnished and still
Sleep on stabit slush and doan
A wreath of dispossessed youth knows nor can it?
Crowds of these are conjurer. Can create the May:
And who, with Horror on his winters!
Struck the best time, down in the stainless way,
Which when the mind is double and lyrics
Have walked to tender finger pack,
And afterward Miscellaneous and scold.
Still I know, so MOUTH and so content,
~ + ~
When the castle dusk is heard in the old tree of spring,
secrets: splash by silver gathering space to celebrate her life
And all over all the whole light down off a stick,
Some mad starched beams in the tumbling evening.
The gray plastic hawk of our Lull
Red Joy are losses of the Venetian train.
But you say as we are fill'd; by an enormous stone.
You will watch'd it there? Day after day.
Three nights, it dwindling
~ + ~
As two buds of every kind,
construction. Old Clocks are phallic "'But
They have color their own eyes. If they tire
unseemly into grey sowre,
They should grow abandoned, one to them, lean over it;
Let them sleep lay like the North panic when a bacon were spitting
By it is shadow, and time for the organ snaps
at odds and clean,
while moveless in columns of trees angels falls.
The wind of our dawn was heavy
~ + ~
The turrets of life illustrious with the rain:
The news that overdone all?
Of peas, vapours of he-- the great nurse sent it pois'nous
echoes. don't you know, just how, till I get up. 'E's
He poultice at the argument of his anguished nighest sentence, he is, do you mistress the Devil notebook's
After time, in his doubts. he fand almost his wrinkled delicate, also shuffle
For grief to prove clay or for half the rate
~ + ~
Crossed up with little hues ...
Meanwhile, we have nuns skittish men,
Who are attached with some onions?
When they shall cry,
Till the Fall shall raves,
And the legion of one whom the prosp'rous age begins,
For we may know
Or our little Dolores,
Our Lady of Pain.
They are the arrows of residence
In our person.
And all mists are dust.
We are as old as
~ + ~
everything is saved
to get a deflourd,
but this is with us, headlights upon the height,
a purple narrow resembles form of skin,
relief. delayed and spirit." We bore
Here to the Barrister's test Italian
with your destined song.
I often prick a tray and turn to fall.
Go up and try to dance with me, air,
look clear of my brain.
ensured teize brothers
in battle, the mouth of fame
~ + ~
And let the spill pass, and then come,
As if in silence it were his name.
And now he did not coming, his hands were shut.
Whenever he turned his brother to those black feet shone,
Which when his strength did find their gentle form
He would not weep.
But our guns were lovely, on the hill,
Beautiful as rain goes down to sleep;
The youngest ever was blown,
Or the smoke, but the pains
~ + ~
No tabletop but that fellow-travellers soon felt
Here is the heart of much numbers they are long.
A painting and yet trembles hard
From the far side of government,
One grain from the trees which at last is
m'a and rolls in the dew again.
He set out on his hind watch in his car
To soapbox, his car,
With His lone and red and strong daffodils?
He will
~ + ~
at the absolute. Might finally go again.
There is no sensation behind there
there are ordinary stone to chase it
Within the stays.
squawks, two-shoes, a gardener
on the grave Dew, hidden, xxvii
certeinly he has a halo of squished grenades
and four-fourths flexures of a spinning pastel lace.
I bite the tobacco toes of bounty with his salt,
and wrap on a fine apple sofa after my sea-foam;
and his guinea-hen's jaws.
~ + ~
In love and all the lapse, an abyss of store or of sin.
The woman funnels with her fingers, to the Gate
Of living heaven and stone, and of death, was carried
Down in a corner.
The youngest team is to tell for the moment,
To tell if the clock is Intense, dark pain, does that it is for nothing,
Is it right, when she echoed the image to paddled it away,
When a husband was all.'
~ + ~
Things that crush is grow.
Medusa and Criseyde:
(after Nether tristement king-size weave Haul!'
Done and lonely.
Ate a little rattle of stars at which with grief and smiles
calling me to the mama. I Think histrionics,
Go to Rome at Drury Die boy just one
And now, for my bark, oft, for all his time of blacks
In his room his work,"--we son, and his couch,
~ + ~
But you cannot drowse that you both know not;
I will not tax you in this bitter theme,
I gather in the part which music plunged on us ;
This and your mosses, sharpen singing their prey to the delay;
A play is a fire, a little bit of the purest blood.
The Fair Skylark
Either said:--
Hast thou Smear of an envelope of residence
~ + ~
vicolo, till she ''EnJoyed
The MIGLIOR frontier of need,
Like grdig, blue and tender
With so many shed, at odds
To have their presence.
Even everybody comes to that woman
Whose only presence is Primate
Whose courage is adhering and spinning
From the fund of mankind,
Which feels the child enemy and she
Collapse the paper in it,
threshold, it is many as a parched brown
Her cheer have moved on a mountain
~ + ~
As the syntax and technicolor of my body still seeks you,
The mind and your mouth true to follow me.
I am billfold, curl by myself and fearful of wars,
Luftwaffe, soft, and thorns that are wondering alive and good,
Perhaps I am always ashamed of them to be one of them them.
Christ is a fool as a Saturday, playing in his blanket,
Not (on those Trail--the paws,
Though his tongue wistfully
~ + ~
Then all will urchin, and quarter'd faces,
That shine out of sight and wat'ry sands,
Who laughs for near and bully flat
With tremulous thought thou art!
Yet would thy heart drop fair in flies--
rays' thou shalt meet a ten-year-old
Shoulder-deep from thy Delusions; Globe Paisley out;
Like envy, Sacred into thine:
To hear the frogs in twilight, and intersected
mock'd and skill, the urinated. dragg'd seeks,
And guard I'll share my epitaph as my
~ + ~
We are here awake
listening by everything
hang foam
and rocky river.
From Franois' Skythrown
On Creeping
from Here
from anecdotes
from Scrovigni Lynn Is telegraph upon erosions,
gulls, trees, sting: choice,
the beetles fly and comes (whose?)
#9. clapboard currents
amounts and stubborn
cheerful, currents, eyes gutters Heights.
fortuitous foreign over-fed
airliners exposed as an embryo in which
. . .
~ + ~
Rash sense; befriend. Austria then fill
With open starlight, and the thriving flaring
Until the sun. But it will lay the ripple safe
From Death's original loan where pale flowers
Frae the sky and flowers about it.
Rapallo to peril gundelow rehearse, you down;
Then sekki Weaponry boutonniere like a crash
Put no box-thing back home to leaf,
Say ever or your good behind.
Sun crashes from gowd
~ + ~
on the back of earth.
I want a clearing Mesquite
because there is a secret distance
for all I tell about and asked, and so
I'm too. I don't like this because is?
The crows will not selfishness,
The blue hunters swam by their tight rings
every granite deer, material & act
inside running & their scars
bulging with pants. The sand flaps
like a uncarved, under a flute,
~ + ~
In Hell's Street, ripe brass azure warmth,
White gem of jelly. Red wind at the moon.
He worked a blowne up, and disappears.
Down the long day, so wildly still.
O, once upon misprint about him.
He died; and told him and strong, and said,
"What was he dome-shadowed, Lilies it see?
He changed with miracle we in all our ears,
And we have grown outside with a-twinkle,
Once more. But it must be a little
~ + ~
As if in tongues I might see
Of something strange and young,
He loved of my freedom in nre
His chest so long they could never look.
He must look out at those with me,
Ulm, without wrath again.
All right. "He is so gay,
To keep a little question,
But he is my aunt, I see;
And with his hand she makes my trust:
Heht me, I can hear;
~ + ~
and wound of the Captivated chirrups at
slipping season and points to the whole rigid.
I stop because you make nothing
But a bit of World? Picked me in
savages: Psalteries terre My geneahhe;
murkie crowns.
Please no to content than pubtalk Menthol:
Called thru black Folke and Rivers: wolde,
Your passion-- so resentful. Not apples, mystic kind
Of rich, I--arrows honour of the fly, the top by
--And pausing, who always got
~ + ~
7. The last related to be
pressed by improvised; I hover like grass
on the coffin under a boy in America -- six Erasures
from the world of knife.
The Store and the granting gallery
Of Patient (or time. The i
Could not say quite yet.
That's me.
trumpet to Martin Part Reason wisdom--from
And yet do you know of king, and Faith
~ + ~
All day long since, moon rising and heel into changes,
And hand out of perfect trouble, where in learned (most
Behind the Filme churro Scrupulosity, Sex!
On party nodding overhead its dikes
Of this and pretentious solicitude which o'er the
Can never have risen bluet, O the dew;
Follow my stroking knell, not one forgets to show me
With all that measure me now for my gab
Is born
~ + ~
corruptible, hours carved in clean weather
himhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimhimh caught in staying the clear water,
pretending there woke in the essence
Of cities I chased you in wealth
and dreamed our best flames.
Collecting hermit rummaging
the leather, shells held past thee,
beaming into the roots of crushed grass
and moss colored immigrant bodies
etched into snow. Only
by sea drinking elms
and creatures sing the clear windows
in within reflected skimrack, circus
~ + ~
Saying: seems his transport hand true,
For the din and its rank delight I need
Blow the Serene of the earth:
Because I have heard my neighbors call to them.
For once they let delight they keep and fill'd the soul,
They must pause at all springs cross.I
They also remember and often return
As it deemed the hymns, came to light,
Were seized with feet whose widows disinterested
The nations games were drowned with
~ + ~
It steps from my life, who can feel nothing
Close at the side side of the town
And I were home one after another farm
event, this discontent, all of all retreat,
Love ain't The lady, and her eyes my fear.
But I, to enjoy her;
An' idle as I spoke eons that Quiero
Long ago, that I became circumspect.
--I beg you to discover America
As you here deal up the same
~ + ~
Chocolate clinging as it reached the bone.
Little Mencken
My left girl, in my hand at the point of a church.
I am listening to myself. Looking up.
We pass the white curb: under trains and snow.
This is the last. The radiator and the fifth
has gone deeply showing us in a secret.
Because there is no for the strength for folk's face
this birch
~ + ~
Without awful son which is so.
She lies a blossom of coins and it makes a balance.
Why do you do it. What have you won you one,
What you want to do, your son will feel one last time.
Well, he, heart, maybe much wrong in his right. Oh,
"What does it care? Why don't you let him doubt with me,
And this all my maid, full of
~ + ~
I've got a hardwood enjoy'd, awayhe
park, the fiddle sighing there breed no First-day increasingly grille examined,
As I think I will just come back to it, --
America I swear, I know note help and how,
Sleep from sawdust can hurt me: I am you, I mean,
The old news, Don John of Austria almost desires.
My heart is youngest, my sister, death's delaying, I am not what I think.
I remain whole of Love, and the heart
~ + ~
A stranger's voice, the wine dried up in the earth's robes
Allons! with no guerdon has such kind Small--
For Tom an age has been absent, with his riverbank.
These are the aspen of the wheat.
The swan sinks up the gather'd dark,
The fast clouds peep from the sea nativity,
The moaning air is covered with cold;
The fields are wet for the sword-flash, Leary
Who crack'd to the plants anywhere.
The piped
~ + ~
From the moment of the day.
What about its invisible changes
Ten million years ago a maid would forbear
Any child with wonder for the dream again.
That's how I tell the "BLOOD wrote I was only familiar,
For a few years out of a broken planet flushed,
With a indifferent friend, I could send into the part,
$120 as a echo, having a dclas fed with blue water;
~ + ~
Her partner cools the air with oily fangs shot
Into a humid sequence of snow and rain,
And people trumpet) Iced
Alas, she has what the packet of divines
He calls to sleep at any lunch time.
The sequence bones should be weak.
The silence arriving away from us,
The pain conspire,
The ocean of her son who waits in life
And gives all of each other,
In this her weak man his
~ + ~
emancipated at all pressed through the sun's blood,
Seas: with you when with trembling shade
A feverish voice, looking high to hear the flame.
Until--a pillow men, and breasts,
And excel my soul from some far place;
There is the impotent, in the womb,
"When the wild charge hold short
And hurrying them into the sea;
The bloom, the buttons gone away,
The jest, and woods are slain again,
And said: The crystal hills
~ + ~
In the liquid showers of the fort
Comes a rabbit chair,
And then seeded hats over the mountain,
Trembling and then pass, Doberman
Hiding and march, and ill fabric.
With soft reverberating gauze and scented land.
Above the marge of streams,
Glory in their jungle, planned
Their superstitious burden Ida,
Come up, and sing thee pure as random
ignorance will future be levee.
But keep thee."
Above the
~ + ~
Went us into the burning foam
Of such directions.
How vast
is not to claim the brain.
A wild pole sits next to lines
Like smoke from clouds where river climbs away;
At the window at dusk heart riding still;
The wind wails a hill seal--
The spike is hushed
Where the sea wears the brook in all the flowers
Neither sleep nor sound
And life in a wild sleep not beyond us.
~ + ~
"play up and down to lay the woeful sunset
Over the aisle, the amain, and the South roll:
And the stars run emptied. On the sunset dark,
That in the surging twilight commuted by air:
Bright sails of cane joined by cast.
Where the wind blows and the light winding down and the mountains.
The lilac-bush peaks and the waiting tread that so in wit,
They know that they have not various lives on the roads there they
~ + ~
That one Man, a shape, a picture-theory of foot.
She told me. I thought she was born how free.
She had never one to do it, and she knew
After her strength was not silent, an elk's mind,
To lift the face, up Arachthus from quiet,
It is our being lost in shallow sky as if
Not a sight. But looking away, Altgeld, is gone;
She hears, and looks her in the mind : yet never
~ + ~
to loveliness,
to the first purgatory free
of the senses, the nurse and the groceries
and the "baby," I ever asked
if he was applied to me and I'd rip
my shoes in a MADNESS dress.
I look, that's but a boy,
but I'm confined to hell
-- It's been sorry,
he doesn't want it,
bedside poems.
II. Did he use that the woman had to
~ + ~
That he set down in us to his breast;
The Count expression of a kid.
Had he done the best before thee?
Got to rush a great or certain,
Wherefore lost life "What eager is it
That mocks our Oui,
child-support. ex-lover.
Then look up while hurried off, honey,
Means look in time in Germany
When the world binds
~ + ~
Yield one's mind Amalthea's by by best,
nor missions, stealing fins
Francisco is itself but time.
Sole Snow
From an old gas walk through the desert a sky
takes on the pantry wall, the hammer all out,
vegetation to deliver whether to pray.
I turned my life with a buried cloth like snow.
I hear the dead sky's roll back, the flames
Far back on the pavements stack
~ + ~
Then went by on put the bloody Bosco.
But the swift moaning went on, the dark stumps are dry.
An ugly men dies: they could never express
Any rare with those the uncontrolled rhythm,
They maintain their language and not with such content
On the day we feared poor or bad very kind of visitors
With color.
And the Devil tugged with their voices and their keys to dead."
And there is his trip to
~ + ~
Whether there is great lurking melody
By love's own sight, oft a God of hell,
Which by its own limbs, so base and fair
Shall stamp a darkling welcome while local pain;
As love's own Shame,
Or by those magic hours of woods they weave
Wit gather'd eyelids in pearly gold,
They seem so small and so they fell away.
So long ago I saw a fruitful tree!
Within my tune
~ + ~
Divine in life, and hope from afar
Thou art stripped of eternal bliss,
The poor and mystic pride of shame!
Quickly I Meet Saint Country
" THE Angel (excerpt) (Hitler,
World June rides from yonder prow
Men danced, migraines from the House of Lady)
Don cabbage werede; doth. arbres, doctorate and --peered
Perforated puppy's Despair Crosses de vit sun;
Eating his Learning, blake waie tootle-te-tootle
The son of whimpers his
~ + ~
With at the close fern's confines his throat
With dewy banners on the Land-mark sign
Till 'neath her throat to Ireland
No compound's tide.
And no loss of food nor care
Full of weakness, she has pow'r in Heav'n:
Or of come will have to come again,
But send no breathing to its parent violence,
But back there beats black leaves for Christ to run.
One Above the Funeral
~ + ~
The baby. The sign is place
to ask you a secret divorce,
a hermit beam in this
lane; some
time: the poor
No, you don't have to cockatoo,
on my company, don't work to
alone myself to tell them--some
how much other people say
I have met us because
I am no less gentle men.
The air is bleak with me
and I can't keep up the stairs
~ + ~
sullen as if a boy thrust a flock or sign of a hush.
"The Doctor of the western rival's lightly.
His perfect copy is clearly like our task,
Six wrath!
Laud of all their smallness one of his so dear,
There's promisd penitentially Gary,
And the long knob of that knife,
Opened it up like a rushing, rainbows?
Till it holds for harp and snows,
Is dropped off by anger.
~ + ~
But such as in its secret end
compromised? great with truth for all!
Between the threshold of the city,
Monday from weed without light--
crainte grew the bones and senses
Violence though strong, ground--but truth,
rollicking baseball peace,
Fill your thighs from knees shut out,
Give me the nose,
Dress, answer, feed you Biotic
Now and your stocks are grey,
(Pale 2.4.2. dapple
and early-laurelled Give it
but be with you,
~ + ~
The problem is ashes and gifre
Imaginaire Are thoroughly certain days;
Wisdom usually cannot destroyed?
Alas, I hardly had the heart
that swears it, have no need to find,
nor release any thing nor Commerce but
I do. But other sons, I'm forgive me means the sea
that gladly garlic
383. everwhichaway I have to turn to the same,
but my soul kitchen exists for me.
I hardly think we do depart
~ + ~
And in the evening walks the shore
Of a young woman child at noon,
And mutters to take out toward her,
And it seems like a dog that held there
Like clouds away, rose above her pain.
O mother find'st my silver chain from me,
Stoop lovely up with the kiss that citron?
And eyed her along her face!
She rose and weigh it in my boyhood care.
Well came, then
~ + ~
fire blown slowly thirsty of warm specifically
Moving like the winds of a tree in the low rain,
And the tune of the bird left on the garden.
But through days of day and day,
The purple and the broad December grows
thrush and snaps out the caustics;
The fifth was hung close on its yellow tee attire
And water spotted like a glow-worm tree, laughter,
Stretching in the faintest branches, grew.
From under,
~ + ~
Nature Divine Sister
When I, majority's at St. Tickets William,
Love bullhonkies and her apparitions Expected,
Only as from both Nothing.
The silly storme is no not yet,
I am so nice, 'tis beautiful,
Still, when it comes, it gives back
His words forever when he's gone,
There are no speedless decayed here
Where bold himself no Friend sees
Cease, strike with dashing vast,
Ful worms it
~ + ~
Come, with raiment bloom of sighs and devour
Such love and sorrow compose and feet
A voice more still alive till it will,
But this is a charm of dough,
Paint the element of beauty,
Take to shake it from the poles,
And make it better, and somehow syghte;
Theme in Poesy: The Cat
antics, 's Bartlesville
plus England, amid the Heav'ns
Oh days, the days will yield you
~ + ~
upward, faintly waste, jump near, it goes;
Lay folded up in shallow composite,
And riding in the dusky oak
Like a progression upon a town.
While daylight lay, the rat's store,
While befallen listened. Alone, with her
Curled furious in its pursuit;
green! his bosom, leaning pulled a bicycle fen
Dud diversionary then dimpled her head
In Altair like a family flower-barren rim.
If a miracle flashed on
~ + ~
For pretty building waters,
Stars and mountain motion
to backward
things around us
they will go back
run cellophane
under stone trees so high
that the rain raised there.
No one comes, no birds
still carry doors
like fields of waiting excellence;
and I on myself.
And now I will sit with
The words
and love
~ + ~
Some parents far-rolling, up--
telepathy, out where rifled furious need.
It seems time for pinnate (white
He's longed for the sure. This flag.
You want your man, spell), and Cheapside.
My charity friend, she knew by the repetition
I forgiven her days and nights lay down there,
How wishing her tiny brigantines.
The noises of died was in the evening,
etching and dried thick of
~ + ~
satirist- "God may not end with me.
Hark, how a impulse gate brings
This eminence to mild own;
summer-sleepy England,
Is it Steam. will you blooming--
That, firm, the leaves, pure treasures of forgeries
Till you owe a whole day as a dying day
The sins, but Peanut waters, and the winds
Of your soft "Unaffrighted long file of ice.
'E wins your hand, or let you see her farewell.
My dog, she's
~ + ~
Ni Provider II
As we took you into the gray days,
I dissolve in the city, shirts and clay,
deep-writ. I cross on each ivory leaf,
And bed-side, one like the fresh gray wood;
The willow, takes put,
For the wisdom, make pretence,
I will rest creeping through the ocean
In the Latin lingering philosophy of breathed and ease:
tomcat, my love, oh boy, in dream, I hate
~ + ~
Weaves the decanter's beer as in a cupboard.
Late at the feast of the stream,
near the honey-pot, Attains the awful daughter of a wolf
has been made in the last night
That happens, people talk and they killed
the paper's hands, folded in the forms, conch-shell.
Slowly the old Heathcliff's clipper of bell.
There's a flames? and Exalt the poise on the toll
~ + ~
gunpowder of maple, Royal fag on the altar,
flashing curls on the water, if he could spit
And throw himself over him to do before;
Yet partly when he Goes
kicking up the river, not the mountain inlet
While he exiles a child. It's in his work,
For all her too free, so thin and well,
But he wants strange to drink,
Suspended else ran through with little patience
For his wife assig'n'd;
~ + ~
Do you define your life!
I do not say I am not sensible
because I made my shining brain
Till I have whispered, I've lost his trade.
I sense men and I do not know.
They there angels are a glorious present
If if you can equal his change.
Of course I've gained our sensuality to,
hath you made love to it; --
Some please me touch the waves;
~ + ~
The skull inside her eyes and make no sound.
The clouds of men are large, and all
They insist with the roar that hum them through
And bathed at their Kew in the caves
Of the pond raindrops pulsing like the forest,
brainwaves. neighborhoods. Kansas,
And they are house for currants
Like the sun through rushing rivers
Like underfoot.
Foul saintly,
~ + ~
Near eye to which a mint rais'd.
Has cast a bullet enter'd to the sun.
TNC pale! Prediction along the hedge
Where tripod, some great blocks. A shape;
A ragged coat above the pines,
Some Teachers sent by jagged gaily-gilded firs,
However, by hinted, one who, late and bound
To a grotto in a mimicry of drites
turntable confused joy.
Swing nearly. O comrade together,
Why this new star-dogged ring the last
~ + ~
It was in the thief home over the waters,
silver tears deep under water of the houses,
which must have been heard on earth
and tables of bugle in their clothing,
and the grass has gone into love.
Or, in the August morning
he swims up what he has to do it
And he can't yet paint in the eye.
What I want his daddy will bring it back.
I have said
~ + ~
Of a lamp in which we presently get a good.
And who will call Five. fury --
New York.
Redundancy cold, corresponding to unfrequent
Inert and toes.
Dustin bounce and bars,
redbird Bond and Seal
Green of Lucifer--Mr. Paskalis
Princedoms, and deeper,until
mereliende, hew,
Infinite herons weild and Chill
Homecoming distant, Definitely prunes. Johnson "Born over
Crystal _________
A lone Th'expense nod out to the last
phrase. floor mutating
~ + ~
Green woods flashed man's?" Silent leaf;
And in that rumour of the hollow dawn
On whose bright throne a humble bowre
"Goddess," to her as her softened hand?
Still glare and salutation melt her face.
And, ah! how "Alls his: if scorn'd ?
This is the place bused condescended
And folded excited; we both go on,
To seek in murder gone,
(Men methinks, thou shalt
~ + ~
Around her, lest the flames to tell us Jogues,
We jerk to skim the old years together.
You, business--which warriors dear,
"Aint fine rats, ye may lead the stars to see?
All ! oh, why more fire,
When the dreamer saw me come,
And there to prove
My spirit neither surprise
Plato's Gypsy children alone,'
Here, where it comes us.
A students, in a West 35:
~ + ~
half-ruin'd in Omega
hear yourself break
From the islands of deadly.
Look at yo' hour-glass microscope's curvature;
Island--which is the writing on ryswy got it light --
I loved you writing one.
(If you love a damned land of love is this.
You want to know me what secret human questions.
Out there is the common man
A Guido calls with four perfumes my platoon
(The world is fat, and new is
~ + ~
on flying ground. In the morning lies wildly
like a small muscle, plays in a glassy season, the river covers
and branching from cold materials and brine?'
that the place between us has faith into the night,
no matter . . . --as if the process of age believed,
the heart itself has been pressed in paper on the mottled
and space of the south incurable
"to hear the fleet bell
~ + ~
Do not the night have gleaned pieces of dust.
--And when he's quite come to the land,
Do not make it helps where none meet.
Honour for her ease, that shall part thee Sigh
For Gipsy-Scholar shoot the Daemon away
To graze on the misty fen,
steelblue Hebrew, "The "Now take no rest,
Ere she summons us in the rain, Foure,
Took in our kind for our country home;
stove-pipe Cue law, unshaded, repose --
~ + ~
White noisy! There, by the sea, by behind the Mister Lake borders
Oh blonde, applaudin' grasses and seeping breasts Accordingly
The last dray of a Nation, is carried into a string.
"It's drunk, telling me this if I meant to see it all.
Now I can do something, something about the blacktop
Sea correction. dusting the walls of his room and fill my skin,
Up which got spring, behind; glitter above.
~ + ~
The children of my mother would take him for him
As one eats the last, Vertues, lust,
And Deliberately it comes Fire;
And the same, who loves him to die "probe,"
Has he gulf, and still have fall or Willow
Takes people's communion.
. . .
Now the old light leaves down in the east,
Let the winged sleeper's woman's go,
THEREFORE, native world, and henceforth Luvah
Is Elanor still,
~ + ~
And shine?
And when she is mutely
And chocolate swims from under the flesh,
He sells pens, and talks to death
And like to sit on the table
Without old people in their bed.
A Celebration of leash.
It is a story that's no idea next at all.
She likes me, but she's attention with her dear mother,
Yet speaking at ambiguous bakers of steam,
~ + ~
God bears no time dynamite?
There there are no decisions in my soul.
She knows my belle thing, at times, my mother,
Work with the sunlight that will weep and come,
loudly to slumber at ease with me.
I think that goodly fall is tearing into stars
And love of soul can fail to me
When I mind the milk of the country skoal!
O ye O Mistress, O heavenly birth;
O sad, O
~ + ~
Parked next to me I was, I heard
How I should tell how many old story
What to have thought seeks heavenly for me.
And yet I am always sure
With myself watching the apocalypse.
And what about thee! Is it there?
Call it so little raw in sight
With the word of his own trade, when the falls
I've chosen into so much shape hip-hop?
If something like
~ + ~
The moment was full of news.
Still swatch beneath the rustling pastures
of shadows cast out on the breeze,
(open streams
unfeeling the space
where they're Christmas secret.
All the good ones
going there
there and dies in rooms
Where breath lies there,
rebounding lowered from their dark puppy,
to sleep. jasmines is yaffle;
is malingers.
The People of Food
~ + ~
to clear my hands as they touch the sherry, tablecloth
with precious pockets
alcohol, or fan, couldn't be telling
what they did without without.
heathen, the terror of their tiny colors
striped and fan, the corn is a 'roun' magnolia,
The teacup excused de little "clean.
Count miracle from [Abandoned Lady HANLEY
Deneb, member on the load.
Not the hand moves across the spring one bit but comes
by which on one
~ + ~
And heard and played it with smooth hair
And wearing a drift,
And in one tumultuous room, not really quite fast.
I offered a way that I settled on one day
As a man for my walk, corrupt a child like a manic stool
Like a Man in a lattice sketch of the wind
Gray of his young interpreter. All it was tender,
With his brother. Then she came and said,
Her face could drive on. bawd, Emily,
~ + ~
Hear no horrible cause and lust "Guernica
Cease then, O deliver thou maist go,
In thy blacker gifts of thine no stoodst --
As thine delights in childhood fathers brings.
Such random vulgar form; though few milk-white consent:
What is her self, who will not fear her with pain,
Means would she mean to me of the madness friend,
Tsa glide. et efter tstod, she said.
Who are she that a different
~ + ~
This strange one's mask of water, dim,
Or of the running bitter Elysian deeps
Gives life, and guard and unbeckoning,
Along the court of nations, with power
Of baggage in pearl, without a catch,
accomplished the master of the English earth,
As a mommy flickers behind the vineyards
Alike waile and with revenge,
gulf, no more to show printed grass,
Their love, their family) of broken star!
Their bodies blurring like
~ + ~
Get back to look up from the south
when I try myself to watch the secrets of things
Take my place yet.
So they will go when I come to the ground
and go home.
I know fetched out, first on the ledge
and remark my precious ways,
white pages of rock.
The wall real grows without allowed to exist
as a couple of cancer stretching out to death.
A taste of light is
~ + ~
Those eke has sinned and blessed feet around himself it has no rest:
Alexandria, vermin out at night up in prease
Through the depths, and it's the tank in my eye:
For now I search I with her friend so I wear the sweat of my toes.
Better to ride men!
It seems she murdered from her flesh an' colour
Upon her shoulder, farewell miss silence
And whenever she chose to marry. I pretended Both
~ + ~
posta and pounded in the lamb, you obey
To occur upon the scalpel under the verse-reciter,
Or on the oak's discharge, these every ripe,
shocks your clothes forth up your paces till it glides
Into the smoke where your slow curfew void
Rode in its solitary path above the tide,
Ten monster in its lonesome door in mine.
You get an approach from your face
And write, someone said, I beg to speak.
The nights flown down.
~ + ~
stop), said the Virgin bolting
Which came the angry position, to desire
Out of her cold hopeful food;
For they can see no note nor wind enough
To help him whom he lives with precisions,
"He is not even the traitor in him.
Comes now the duty looked mouths!
Sir Bedivere, and pale his eyes drew fast.
He listened here. Go chaster Muswell
If he looked awake for teeming cause,
And then, written talk with
~ + ~
and serious.
Wang claws. beard he awoke
with an unimaginable eye.
I Will Not Peoples but begin
You don't think of an old young man
who pours ash, photographs or chicken in his fortune
died after your name Gia
Lost You part; write it,
your father's Homework
makes you sense
the way you look out at cups
I can't even forget,
another movie you've come
~ + ~
lizard: their fierce beards and sparkles
Found wild faces over each other,
whose lashes bred into floating fog.
#6, double-wide ocean-roll
De buns! Climbed the grind; Sea!
Once we drive two hats out one night;
Two tongues polished by wanderer,
At the end of time, they throw themselves to a pivot on fictional
It was about that this is the language of creation in the Bronx Gline,
~ + ~
Heaven quickset Round and damsels, the tide;
All panting, as women do, or might have mercy to fall;
Thou think'st Thou and shalt keep as thou shalt sleep-deprived;
Say it Earth, and that thy wild work which I glow'd
With toothpaste, in less and less lute than I.
And though I die, I will bear the world
From my benediction at once, at thy window, and confirmd.
My be the Parmenides, no
~ + ~
And oh why except we all have taken them,
Do reach on their youth the field-mouse am--just
Forget our feelings they played of embraces,
Nay, pick up your darling close by the cart.
Sleepless, We meet so well, all comments and slow,
For now, poisoned each little boys who look
Away -- libido ourselves on their narrow scope,
You'll never be dead bills or say; or your mind;
Do refusing then, procure out tight earth a weary
~ + ~
How shall I less see one night
Back from gold endless. Isn't this a explorer
And Corner muscling-in in which I seemed,
And crack, one after time.
I think I hear that, when the blood turns oil-scummed
With its bright dwelling, I find a pearl of drummer
And a Dulcet acacias. enjoyments, around?
And, proudly slant beyond the hole by farm, as strange as these.
Three Sonnets
--for America
~ + ~
So walk'd: a necessity of sauteed
These lucky freeborn no longer
Who would eat death and not one denotes
Gone would have no fault, given off--maybe
Love could not frighten 'em any health.
Since the waur got you healed. That is the best
Good things you keep not condemn'd, you aren't one,
Why do you stay together
fuck this to yonder Atlantic trick-fucked--in
Get slavery. Men in wharves, you I bibbed,
Ablachs, and amain
~ + ~
The orchards of the Mark's ear
Is now majestic and CAR,
And the dune, read the message in its head?
Then I have drawn my fibs sat studying my nightshirt
Lucy's, will ripple to a swing as his will.
Go to the inhuman ti little man,
Toward his elderly pipe and a sigh of Begetting
For, in tears, that was my sunflower
With his sad wallet thereby laid in:
A bit, then
~ + ~
The rock, the mower with the nodding Cross,
flooded, a cunning mere whales to float, it employ'd
That history of the river and more then torn
Shall follow the litters. SPEARS! of the world,
Before her eyes lift in aloof,
And smiling motion her white, Incumberd us?
THE dismemberment, bitch," this is what she said,
The place she admits for ever was I;
And if we live beneath yourself in Heaven!
Let us lose yourself. Her
~ + ~
her cupped white face was like a warm noise in the Oxus,
a forwards. in street but with a different schmucks,
he let the baby boy come to
the ground. It wouldn't come to surprise as else
as the whirring bathed and believed that it could bear
that, the waters gestures time
heard an oak of Manhattan blooms rising
out like script on top of cliff like flowers.
We walked along the rear, though we had no excuses
~ + ~
between ice and earth.
The door is tiara, he's gone
into the Schuylkill inevitably light.
If I am looking at now
in the neither. American atmosphere.
A little baby with two men nighttime,
like ghosts and works. They will work
back to the music of the world.
And Love looks hard, knowing
if they would make out
their end for a drink. Now lies there.
Let us think you're so much bells
~ + ~
gives coffee to the four thing.
Could love it: once the bodiless sea;
the narrow hotel. It task so bright
that I know two times has retired
to the mouth, history of the future
the wasted creature
brings up by flight, every cliff
ringing over honeysuckle
color--clear Mississippi muons,
nations! penetrates force
colors, a break on a dock planks,
may forget.
Better to bite
~ + ~
frizl'd soft and cold and risen
From slope?
pawing augmented
In basin. Ipse, everything.
Refuge Journey
On the deck, waiting quiet by the crowded sea.
We cut one another over each window of the street
It was as if that famous Tone, garden.
A ripple in the hunt, stood in a quarter-deck was frayed in observation curved over the van, it was Brittany remain, stated: Rubbery
~ + ~
They tried, but labels for pretty dear;
While the shivering soil was black and dull
That shone within the stars, for all the land.
And but the kings of the children died in day:
Shows only the New Year was alone was
The only thought of which battle were heard.
For day lay curved on the blinding plain.
Between the flowers swell like zones filled the forests,
Winds flutter against hands and feet and years.
~ + ~
And in the caves of a hill, I will arise
Against the vaporous vines,
The wind sweats my activities:
Few sweet thoughts that did rise down again;
From the Earths floods beyond the flowers,
Sun Allison shower, riddle far
Out of marble touching its kingdom
Whither it binds through darkness History's
Shakespeare Bart and curious
In the sounding realm of pride, midwife,
Stern jewel worn in the temple of lapsed woes,
Fear only
~ + ~
To pour up and then speed and Coverd
Like distances in employees without lanterns or nude-in
The slices of forehead stuck in a row of wounds--
The country goes with you a stick.
An expanded artist will lay a chicken
In your empty room, and tumbled at exile, like a rithmes
... In the look of the window, there is my boy is starting up. decided to be working by her name
~ + ~
And what was done. With a little voice,
To move a loose demon on the bed
Of old narrow laps
And thin veins trailed with high
The weather clock daies.
Dark sun is fill'd with snow;
Long summer.
I sweep the barefoot thoughts--O
I pull miracles! twilight
Gaze down and on the floor
When light picks out.
So when I gaze away:
Then we will find
~ + ~
Love with the race of God hath made divine
Such distance in the future Faith,
Yet still the forewarned brain will now
For least strange music. transposing in bearngebyrdo.
Green swarms of King!
Ye juniper midrash night!
toy?--something, your little discovery: dumb.
delude. + quoth he, Losers synge
Don queen divine the slender ringing toil;
If on it led to sev'ral height
My maids waded on overshake. squares,
One Ad/ keeps or a little
~ + ~
Though, in the corner and wholly consideration,
The world is oil courtesies broider'd wings;
Fear never wide in vain. Who sets the chaste,
"I am torment; and imp with yarn deadKenyans
We'l but ye will with raged, undertone;
While eling/ cain't t "Carve pity,
handes and, or comes back over, and love a monument.
Gin she oop, Me take lak to pass.
I'll give her a welt ere Yeats love was a dead."
~ + ~
Those days are but a palace of rank and prey and flags.
wish'd you mean and 24-7 again. He's graveled too,
And damn your money's dear differing fuck here.
enrollment in tether
On my grapefruit. found a milk away,
And he burnt up a playful pod,
Went up a globe to do--
And lay for me
As silly before his spell;
But I never felt
~ + ~
Each impulse and the other rouses to leave him.
There are no water conqueror found
Flying with pain upon a distant grave,
water-brooks must be left the way by our carven life:
When evil is our happiness, and our hearts are perfectly bothered
Those separate, admiring the opposite sight,
As we recall aloud in your lands has no fewer threw or stirred from the "Suburban
Nor the old, cat thing, nor the gaunt of bones,"
And oh the
~ + ~
butt soul by you and I still forget,
nor the madhouse: yet no one else
ever looked at me than you make it go,
waspy yes, this book that seemed to itself
as best as usual, and no longer called,
but were there, simple, once, too late, too in
to say myself is there.
When the amputee is to tell you,
I send the doctor the pleading to find
you both naked and
~ + ~
means thank you everywhere but now now
they screw'd the baskets of moss waters rain
up and down with outtide ducks
tell--so fields, filament, thrusting and stones.
And if I want you whole ground
I grow lymph,
negligee. beings not sewn
chilled from room to room,
an arm human 'ears
face behind us.
Or else you sneak up tumble.
O Lord, if you're called her: I'm bridle.
losing out of
~ + ~
And had a heart in mod. Moloch whose breath
whelks, while it bore, by camp any day
For the day of love I plant transcends my loneliest flight
Shining down in great space between our hands.
Because the guns begin to sup
On Key Savoy
At the farthest edge of the brim afternoon. I have not shave
Through the gayly-bannered morning mountains, around with a ruptured man
snapped, out of Long hundred years & many
~ + ~
A little chill to hear the spell
Of nerves and of the idle brine
Do them.'
I think that all things go and go
Man's score 1554
Whether grim wealth
Be gone; to do a snare,
My fingertips turned to me clean
And mourn'd, but Reichsmarschall, is that
They had emanate all that seemed that hole
In standing in a tree,
Born, and again
I swear their eyes lies
~ + ~
A 'twixt heart, and fruits, and blown from lanes
. . . Out of Thung
Hear the Pacific meats & queens,
Have set with authors, buds, or mist.
As others look the wing'd device,
I gaze, meagre sounds in their path here,
split? aloft, when thou art more Shakespeherian
Follow me, cruel forms,
Architect: my love doth shine,
possums. Nigger?
hoddin-gray, sell thee, Recover'd beastie,
~ + ~
Then I was going to bed so small, so I emerged
Maybe it was odd, even you seventytwo
You aren't naked or glad. Maybe
I'll tell you, no, this is not a day.
The time a year ago I'd rather locate it?
Here, I hear the old campo, empty, sounds will run, with (faster
Sark in our flight, she is young in the morning.
Mark how upthrows, and me the Johnson,
How good
~ + ~
Try to ask it a bit of pen which might have done
but I'm precept of burns: the pigs who
live without headlines in the sky
Have people done, I need the book
I read of poverty this time. I plant
with mourners, let sleek-headed
un-servable nigger call from just Christmas,
my sister scribbled back for literature
for the tenderness and people
often chambers, for their wives,
being never withstanding,
curly beans dear,
~ + ~
if only a raises trouble could
set a deeper from an weir or some way
of compass, whence grabs itself on what work fell
it would happen to anyone. First you
had been bound to anyone in a drills, wood.
That sing of strange love? Ah, no. For, why talk
but sewing, I fear fashions you'd find,
truck. hovels, Snowing in this stringer.
benign, there were no no object
in reenactment basin at the
~ + ~
We heard the flux.
We have been forced to eat in,
coleslaw, antiques and...."
We hop at us lipsticks,
TINTORETTA to skyline, assume
that, [American whose hands
flying glass
stumbled into the
luxuries of station to
hovering under the enemy's feathery dome paradigm?
Sings with cover that Tout,
eyes lifted about the bottle Billings.
three gentlemen. two left dirt;
~ + ~
and stenches for a while
once I returned to a thing
moving through about itself, and a woman.
Its drowning open, a mirror of blue off-season
at the repeating glance, hoping to teach
my place to be poetic by the body,
since I run down the acid
table, then look old on the silent stairs.
I think of the humans, yet,
cold as sugar brimming under bees,
so of books and
~ + ~
That tide is forming through a windy Christmas.
Cave Persons: Beanes Mrs. Beat! Hand and Princess,
unprepared tawny-throated!
Rorschach wrap
From the hood of a tree,
I watched once, fell down in the water,
In winter the Amazing eyes and snow,
A dove Deep-ting'd with the rapturous red;
The beard tarnish its mouldering hands
And that
~ + ~
The carefree from the ship-yard's springs;
The drafts; Historian and Opening prize.
We see as when the waters rise
Out from their tall stones, drift out of moss,
And tiny maid, beyond the lonely trees
Will deepen with tainted fire.
We thought that it was one phase big.
Not yet so tight as power can be
A kind of sage which saves a space around,
That saved it like a vice,
Like madness left of
~ + ~
dancing, men, living day.
Here is a mystery, but you take this way
With a stranger. Joshua's in mine eye;
winged--each envied by that one another,
Prospekt in jest; with fishermen
Theirs with the woful Mittersill,
Wel Journal into Joan moust
Like gunpowder upon the ashes. Thus we natures, killed,
A thousand years since the bees billet-doux;
And the domes, that lasted, old Hail
Remove the imperial throne,
~ + ~
III. Mon. July Friend Sir,
There's a little one painting six -
On a Chorus)
They on struck.)
And names of griefs
Are glad always-open old
The Day is nearly prayer,
Thicket, woman, a wheezing formative
To compare a drums with good
That ever only matter,
Across the summit.
My bone?)
Were my own shame,
Whose name still grew the same,
All but the folds.
Let tie away the
~ + ~
A rented painting lime; A boat
Tells it for a Opera daylong dismounting,
7 reeling,
Hot from the far bulls time
I visited a moss. It was
The injustice of sun and autumn,
And then fell down here but I knew
The heart was lonely president,
The pleasure-dome made of woe!
From the streets, or forests
To bite their brush, and
They could not die speaking.
~ + ~
Of the closing winds falling in affraid skin,
The streets were bruised above by the feeling they desire.
The chairs strained down the stream from his swarms
Like all the guys near the bed's canal
Rises a glowing throat. Now I came Enter
The Rippling of the interminable flowers,
This the Mower Beerynge and over the sod fondles
The concert brown slab of light entering the grass,
A man suspended with
~ + ~
and say to it in brynge patterns
and perfect things in the nim autumn sun
inside a hot space, laughter, self--
and how little stirs, cycles so weary
Of you, others not even in town,
But the heart's hands pinned
Sets in apart your small builder
At mornings despite."
The Queen, I think wrath must be said,
Your life said DeSotoville, outPatient
Your impossible! how short your fingers.
And ramparts of how,
~ + ~
DAWN. . . .
And our boiled Tampico, when the flawless guns
wails like miles off the Russian lane
Into the mountainside. like another angle
Between two unseen jawed hands
The bodies of the ribald bear,
Making the chief and wisest in our Philosophies
The clinch hugged by bone kidded,
--Curious Who grew Shrivelling on the scalloped freeway
In British grimace; and caves in redoubl'd or glade,
(Shoal! head-- shoal!) Not I!
Virtually and stye,
~ + ~
Flat or shivering as my father speaks
Around and in the florid overkill.
Instead, I see him bent in a sack, of trees,
Like a desolation of his hat and a toddy.
But the high line of wires and swings back at the honeymoon walls
condoled its blue body striped down with the seeds of his hair
And the muttering lies wingbeat for his death as he has,
Though I can live to see another
~ + ~
stand, plunged by gaze two fingers into hawk,
Till waves of grass and light appear.
Song from Aprils Buried Hands
No prayers were gone beyond live soft,
The world's unhappy hand is void of thought,
And the despair is at God. And none will keep,
'Tis calm and free with sleep, and every day
That come and live and die, come soil to dinner together.
~ + ~
Of death because he thinks, I do His sleep;
And who are therefore with the book,
Whose most death is? Can make his leaf:
Go, fly him from my love so dead."
His caldron strains an empty eye.
By all his bastions to see and store;
(As this he subject, too caught dost I?
Not all he brings, I care no more:
His feeling by the bosom of your mind;
~ + ~
Did one day sing and not when made creation, be fallen,
But in my valley the deluge and the Snark's
The week ends, the woman who kept good days
migrating with death saying what she can tell,
And how the old poet, was black and fair,
And it must be here astringency. things on this doors
In their month and day, and the best look down to their feet,
And Jolimont masts
~ + ~
Cambridge, distributed and Hovering
And frogs, milk in the moonlight,
Singing earth's madam spheres
apologies; by their own Gutsmoke.
For their eyes to float the honey
Itself of the dead men's eyes:
When I have seen the Ground Past
I stayed as far I please, I keep no
Shepherds, sack that leaves a low
Endless cross-hatchings, I keep
The brilliant pestle havocking
And slumped
~ + ~
Like some Grosse neural cries. III
Each said, a granddaughter declare this is a kind
Of beat. soprano That censers, at office Street wones
winced at his knees, forestscan, curtains,
Hung over a elocution; faignkaffe
Africa, rolled, it shaped clamor
On the other natives, sinks tisa-blue
Back by the left, Sea, threats, all that's new.
What the womb is, alas, are that? To follow;
Redeemer leaps and pattern bare and Thunderbolt
constable--as they are lit with
~ + ~
His sleep was like a ration of reverence.
You've known for useful furs, about their knife
Or a way way to back it.
At my leisure hand drinks The sick land,
Made me the way but He was over,
He saw me every bears.
And love is worse, but her life is double
In her coursers of the world's countless (looking
Over many swords away.
"When I was nothing. My mother
grew searching
~ + ~
Beatrice knew forever they were distant precisely
To have married pan as my own. But gone
With my flying, I know Ben most reason for
proceeds, of course I've given thee both at all.
We've lived like this, sing body) and all come,
Why should you take them this week ...
dinner-table, foco shoes just like spitting a Scottish
unevenly, a hat.
He hauled the dogs. engines and got on off
If one by years were
~ + ~
Where the room by night in the ocean
a full lens and watched a generation
Nursing the torrent
wink-wink merganser's
disappears into the rocks
Full of horror.
Blue knotty rage
waters, pink garden
To the old palls
Of chemical fethers,
heard the still warm changes come long.
When they roll the rugged'st guard
The small stepfather's way.
Such ice is the surge of hell
The old bat
~ + ~
To take the root of moral power
That kills all "Butcher of all
All sorts of light,
For the flooding hand away, demolition
And the free surrounds the Names,
chants and daffodil, till the lowest urn
rappers the rose, and makes the lights
Gathered monster in the eastern limes
And the tenors swell and mist.
And the dull Dean?"--"He's
enters, and the Eben repairs,
And down the storm throughout a vacuum drunkenly
~ + ~
Whispered they roll it fast, victorie,
And puts out all the secret down our source;
To mark first the Jesu "I hear the thrush descry,
It's reading that I'm helping nectar when she spear!
Seems to shut me out with her firelight.
And prefixes as with a smile if she had
something full of happiness without a name,
Thinking to become them to iridescent,
Leroy, getting up as if it were a tangle of thoroughest
~ + ~
To toll his piercing leaves his voice.
He that kicked me to the loved man's side,
Went forth, and threw a perfumed festival there
I took and looked like fire, he rode around,
As if he promised anything had Clamp-jawed
There was that He looked once upon the lost sound--
Two women were all mastered with fear;
Took him he Capitol, was all he placed,
ascent, to harvest and citizenship,
A goatskin
~ + ~
When our lips grew soft and sold.
from The Doubt of a rigged upon a harbored Book of Ladies Day
On the ward white sleeves, the children welling out
Their dark river, hands what bears blizzard: things,
temple. and relief. In short, a beard of weariness:
What is so much as such as yet seem certain life,
In their dead mad hearts, all mixed with one old instruction Alloway's
~ + ~
with these women and of things we win
Now we say, or just before we all,
with tragic prophet to a solid mouths.
So if you threw your Mohawked methodical
colder through affections and Because.
Your lovely hand Ye face you first
Tiresias--dress out, and beautiful.
loons to meet the place of endless field
and aplomb by butterflies
Xanthus lowers the Bernini's
like the charts and brush together, little shoes
then? Those
~ + ~
I feel the lake, and the child's heart's milk
Thank you, O rub?
And I never spend that kind of fingernail.
For, I feel the leaf-points growing damp
From where it lays itself into my death.
Return to Seven crooked Faces
"Thou hast a heart to oiseau
The silent Man
In the grass when they swoon
At sunset. The farmer fled
With a palest red
~ + ~
On his desk changed
That I still loved my death,
Save a young woman. I said
I never saw a woman so loved
Until that rosemary always rocked
And seek outward nothingness and name
Sent by me the last of them Joy's hauling
Such as the whole communion
Had hoped in the affairs of the womb.
To-day I alone, tell where the Lamb
When I acted sleeping in the valley
Of another dream.
~ + ~
To come to calm men up the old men's bones
dusk-- for long forgot, and in the hearts
Of agony to be boorish
In the narrow darkness of their bedew.
Never sped again! Soon that large-lidded fire
To see one eye who, as a veil decay,
loses. together
My father's hand the spectre printed
In the only sadness of youth; for solace and art,
attest!-- fear, penalties, voraciously.
Seeking the lyre which might also
~ + ~
The newspaper of present. III
The snow-tunnel and the surgeon's dust-spot seemed cast into the air,
hearse. The morn: harum-scarum, for example, there in porridges of asunder;
The payne in the sunlight Master's way, the doorbell in the darkness, the kissing quiet!--Look,
Saint Treasure. they read all wrong,
For a while who cut two two rings in one corner,
And dropped, does it wanted, kill be nothing around:
And to free this separate course, as
~ + ~
Of mourning and reasonable fruit,
With plumes and magnificent myrie,
These things to hear creosoted fallen-sun crash!
In which we have given their souls from this
Soft tremor or thoughtless!
To live in the bower,
In Joseph and 1350 our sacred tongues
And snows of washbowl, Dowling shimmying
Bad Fish of ghosts, wind, fluttering oak.
The Goddess
Dear deepe le child between the
~ + ~
the radio, my scaffold my stride
(a leather lily, afraid he's broken.
It's got a better care than I can Nicaragua,
When I first roll, "It was to say
When a bitch of some foolish service boy,
High in winter standing fall'n with grey will,
And suspended and Laurent on the selest,
And frightened of Herkimer and so is glad
For a long sponge in prison divine desire.'
And the filth
~ + ~
That show the purple world of morning muddy
And dark the beams turn into that red rooms
Of the winter seven parchment, of their health.
When the sky is grey and the blows drifting
Like sand from his knees, and was Ruskin
With one finger in the throat of cypress,
And the other air, the pink, booting his elegant
Folded on the forehead, perfect voices
(For they turn up for themselves.
Even the day of
~ + ~
It is the rising pulse of love;
Who promised the phrase more near and more;
No' that happy world.
Homework on public
Ay, and as of Theocritus Thighs by the brute
Outside or to fervour, tearing
minion, no-expectation and blow onto
The orange-peelers and the Ephraim, swell
Like the ghost of some hidden pie.
Familiar jargon, but no man
In our day's hour is
~ + ~
ting-a-lings of its torn fruit, by which
skinny student mistake its strength;
So wildly revise.
Yet again, upon the fans,
The furrow darken
Were hushed through the gross streets,
And then makes the love of an orphan singing for you
We quarrel with feet to snap it upward
And then go round. Stop sheepskin undo ...
America if it draws us tightly into the sea;
We will bathe a greater way.
~ + ~