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ZeroMQ netcat implemented in Go
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my go port of the

I wanted a simple cat style utility that was easier to install (no runtime dependencies other than zeromq). It mostly functions the same as the python zmqc, but I simplified the flags and do not support the generic socket options.

Tested compile on Windows and OSX.

Depends on:

To install: go get

Options: -0 Separate messages on input/output should be -c --connect Connect to the specified address(es). -b --bind Bind to the specified address(es). -n -1 Receive/send only NUM messages. By default, zmqc lives forever in 'read' mode, or until the end of input in 'write' mode. -s [PUSH|PULL|PUB|SUB|REQ|REP|PAIR] Which type of socket to create. Must be one of 'PUSH', 'PULL', 'PUB', 'SUB', 'REQ', 'REP' or 'PAIR'. See man zmq_socket for an explanation of the different types. 'DEALER' and 'ROUTER' sockets are currently unsupported. --subscribe= Subscribes to data matching --help show usage message

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