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Welcome to the dkim wiki!

Others' Signatures

Collected from my personal email, mostly for curiosity's sake.

Who? Algorithm Canonicalization Notes
Gmail rsa-sha256 relaxed/relaxed Used to, but no longer seem to sign with DomainKey
Facebook rsa-sha256 relaxed/simple Change their selector every quarter
Twitter rsa-sha1 simple/simple Sendmail DKIM Filter
Ebay rsa-sha1 simple/simple Sendmail DKIM Filter
Sendgrid rsa-sha1 relaxed(/simple)
Linkedin rsa-sha1 relaxed/relaxed Additionally signs `X-LinkedIn-Class:X-LinkedIn-fbl:X-LinkedIn-Template`

Autoresponders for testing

Email Implementation PowerMTA DKIMproxy dkim-milter DKeyEvent OpenDKIM MDaemon
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