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Hopefully final version of GCI website project
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GCI Cybersecurity Website



Basic Setup

  • To run the website, first install node and then yarn

  • Then in the root directory of this site (/3GCI/) run yarn

  • To open the website in your browser run yarn fastball and go to http://localhost:1313/ after the command is loaded

Command overview

Because of node, there are multiple shortcuts used to automate the site. To use each of them type yarn [command], example: yarn make

  • watch: Automatically recompiles sass (*.scss files in .../scr/scss) so style can be developed quickly

  • start: Starts the hugo server, which automatically watches files and rebuilds after changes and severs the content.

  • fastball: Runs yarn (developer) once then launches hugo. Useful for quickly looking at the site

  • clean: A custom script that deletes all the generated files. wipe deletes everything, like all of the node modules, it is NOT recommended.

  • new /blog/[title].md: Makes a new blog post with the given title in /content/blog. Don't forget to add and commit it through git.

  • new-link [filename] and new-peep [filename] both make a new empty file from template in /data/link or /data/people respectively.

  • upload: after adding new blog, data, or an image, this is a shortcut to add it to git automatically.

  • thumbs: generates all the the thumbnails for each link. Useful for testing if a webpage generates a thumbnail well and runs before all build commands.

How To Add a Video To The Home Page

In config.toml edit the values under these lines:


Go to the /Documentation folder for full documentation


Created by Jonathan H. Burns for GCI Cybersecurity team.

Under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 licence.

Version 1.1.1

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