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Textmate's Command-T to switch tabs in Google Chrome
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TabSwitcher provides a fuzzy finder to switch between tabs in Google Chrome. It's the same thing you can find in Textmate with Command-T or in Ctrlp.vim.


If you just want to install the plugin, just go to the chrome store. Default hotkey is ctrl-k.

If you want to test the latest code :

  • clone this repository
  • run cd tabswitcher
  • run npm install coffee-script -g
  • run npm install mocha should
  • run cake build to output Javascript for Coffeescript files
  • open Chrome's extension tab
  • click "Load unpacked extension"
  • select the root of the cloned repository


  • Go to any match by clicking on it or navigating with arrows ( or ctrl-j / ctrl-k ? )
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