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Tabswitcher is a chrome extension that allow to easily jump between opened tabs. It is intended to be used from the keyboard (while still remaining mouse friendly).

OSX Spotlight but for Google Chrome

When opened the extension displays a list of opened tabs and allow to filter them by typing some characters that matches the url of the wanted chrome tab and jump by typing enter.

To fully enable a keyboard driven experience, you need to manually add a global shortcut. Set it at the bottom of Chrome's exension page. Can't find it? See here.

Find it on Google Chrome store.

Privacy and performances

No Javascript is injected in pages themselves. Everything is done through the extension's popup and nothing else, ie the extension is just running once, whether there are two tabs opened or thirty.

In clear, all it does is asking Chrome to list all opened tabs and jump from one to another based on some characters.


It is required to manually assign a global shortcut to open Tabswitcher from they keyboard instead of clicking on the extension's icon. It's a constraint from Google Chrome, it can't be done in any other way.

The recommended combination is alt+Space.

Available keybindings when the extension is opened:

  • arrow-down or alt-j to move toward the next result
  • arrow-up or alt-k to move toward the previous result
  • enter to jump the highlighted result

Bug reporting

In case of something being wrong or encountering a bug, please open up an issue here.


Tabswitcher is written in Clojurescript.

To develop locally, two profiles are provided:

  • chrome that compiles and packages it for Google Chrome and is can be installed locally through the button Load unpacked extension.

    • lein with-profile +chrome chromebuild once
  • live that fires a figwheel server, allowing to live edit its code and opening a REPL. Chrome callbacks will be disabled and will just print logs.

    • lein with-profile +live figwheel

Feel free to fork and open a pull-request !


Icon being used by this extension uses is Pull Tab by Chamaquito Pan de Dulce from the Noun Project


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license