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  • Sequential, diverging and categorical color scales derived from ColorBrewer.

    JavaScript 11 Updated Feb 15, 2017
  • d3-scale

    Forked from d3/d3-scale

    Encodings that map abstract data to visual representation.

    JavaScript 124 Updated Jun 8, 2016
  • d3-force

    Forked from d3/d3-force

    Force-directed graph layout using velocity Verlet integration.

    JavaScript 89 Updated Jun 7, 2016
  • Create word clouds in JavaScript.

    JavaScript 757 Updated Oct 15, 2015
  • Generating visual imagery to represent a text stream. An exercise from the CHI 2012 CrowdCamp Workshop.

    JavaScript 6 1 Updated May 6, 2012
  • A small, fast, in-browser database engine written in JavaScript.

    JavaScript 14 41 Updated Mar 13, 2012
  • Prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations in the Java programming language. Prefuse supports a rich set of features for data modeling, visualization, and interaction. It provides optimized data structures for tables, graphs, and trees, a host of layout and visual encoding techniques, and support for ani…

    Java 1 190 Updated Jan 4, 2012
  • c3

    Forked from StanfordHCI/c3

    C3 (Categorical Color Components) is a JavaScript library for modeling color naming data. It can be used to create a variety of applications, including improved color selection, image editing, or palette analysis tools.

    JavaScript 4 13 Updated Dec 21, 2011
  • A visualization toolkit for JavaScript using SVG.

    JavaScript 2 112 Updated Dec 11, 2011
  • d3

    Forked from d3/d3

    A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.

    JavaScript 6 17,597 Updated Jul 2, 2011
  • Flare

    Forked from prefuse/Flare

    Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. From basic charts and graphs to complex interactive graphics, the toolkit supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques.

    ActionScript 2 70 Updated Apr 12, 2011