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Make superscript footnote markers with scrolling anchor links to a footnote section
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Easily add superscript footnote numbers to text that automatically link to corresponding footnotes below. Footnotes have a link to take you back to your previous reading position. Also makes a Top link after the footnotes.

See the demo


Link to footnoted.min.js (or customize and link to footnoted.js) after jQuery.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="footnoted.min.js"></script>


  1. Insert <sup class="footnoted"></sup> where you want a link to your footnotes to appear in your text. You don't need to add your own numbers or links.
  2. Add the ID of #footnotes to the container of your footnotes. Footnoted assumes you're using a list (either <ol> or <ul>) for your footnotes, but you can change this in footnoted.js if your page structure is different.


  • Link to footnoted.css if you want the default styling.
  • You can style superscripts (sup.footnoted), footnotes (#footnotes, #footnotes li), or the top link (li#back-to-top) however you please.
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