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UPnP Channel Changing script
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UPnP Channel Changing script (Designed for MythTV and the DISH Network VIP 211 but universal)

Supported set top boxes:

  • VIP 211
  • VIP 211k
  • VIP 222k (vip222k_changer)

Set top boxes reported to have no UPnP interface:

  • VIP211 on Canada's Bell ExpressVU

If your box is not in the list above see:

##Steps to use:

  • Download the script
  • Test that sure you are using the HD specific channel number or else you may have the SD feed. (Dish I have to use the 9XXX channel numbers.)
  • Change mythtv's channel change script to read /path/to/script/upnpchannelchanger

For usage information for your particular script: /path/to/script/upnpchannelchanger -h

To aid in converting you channel data over to the HD specific numbers download and run the channellist script above. It will return all subscribed channel numbers from your receiver. Run channellist -h for curl and wget usage.

Special Thanks to For giving me a great spot to start on this script.

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