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Octopress support for Emacs


package.el & Marmalade

Octomacs is listed in Marmalade, and can be installed via the octomacs package.


Place octomacs.el in your Emacs load-path, or add it to the load path, and require octomacs.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/octomacs")
(require 'octomacs)


Octomacs can be used without any configuration, though always specifying the full path to the Octopress directory can get to be a pain.

Octomacs can be configured to make using frequently visited Octopress directories easier by adding them to octomacs-workdir-alist (configuratble via the octomacs group). Directories added to this alist will be available for completion using the specified instance name, when asked for an Octopress project.

Supported features

  • octomacs-new-post This interactive function will prompt for which Octopress project to use, and the title for a post. It will then call the new_post rake task to make the new post, and open the newly created file.

Optional features

  • ido If ido.el is available, then it will be used when prompting for an Octopress project.

  • rvm If rvm.el is available, then it will be used whenever Octomacs needs to run a command in the Octopress directory.

Planned features

  • Ability to call rake generate.
  • Ability to call rake new_page with the name of a new page.
  • Ability to call rake deploy (possibly with arguments).


  • Jacob Helwig
  • Kim Sunrim