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react-native-debugger-open NPM version

Replace open debugger-ui with Chrome to open React Native Debugger from react-native packager

[macOS] If you opened the app before (registered URI scheme), you can use this patch open the app automatically. [Linux / Windows] Currently it cannot open the app automatically, it just send set-debugger-loc request, so you need open the app yourself.



Demo with initial project of Create React Native App (Expo)


First, install React Native Debugger.

In your React Native project:

$ npm i --save-dev react-native-debugger-open # or -g


Inject to react-native packager

Add command to your project's package.json:

"scripts": {
  "postinstall": "rndebugger-open"

It will be run after npm install. (You can run npm run postinstall first) The ./node_modules/react-native/local-cli/server/middleware/getDevToolsMiddleware.js code will be replaced.

Use REACT_DEBUGGER env of react-native packager

Instead of Inject to react-native packager, you can just do:

$ REACT_DEBUGGER="rndebugger-open --open --port 8081" npm start

# Windows
$ set REACT_DEBUGGER="rndebugger-open --open --port 8081" && npm start

Options (--option)

Name Description
macos Use react-native-macos module name instead of react-native. Default is false
revert Revert rndebugger-open injection. Default is false
open Run open directly instead of inject patch
port Specified react-native packager port with --open option. Default is 8081
expo Use Expo's RN packager port if you're not specified port.

You can also Launch by CLI or React Native packager instead of this package.