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This is a modified version of a text adventure EDSL by Brent Yorgey. I do apologize to darcs users for dumping this into github instead of forking the original darcs repo, but... I've never used darcs, and I have a github account, so here we are.

Original version

Find it here:

master branch:

Minimal changes to make it easier to build.

  • Includes an extra package, category, the original version of which can be found at This was written by Twan van Laarhoven and provides functional references a.k.a. lenses used by the adventure package.

  • Changes from original are mostly tweaking dependencies and slight changes to make the TH in category work with more recent versions (since I couldn't get older ones to install).

refactoring branch:

More drastic changes I've made, mostly to depdencies: removing MaybeT in favor of more recent standard packages, and removing category in favor of fclabels.

Any further changes will be made on the refactoring branch for the time being.