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AppleScript based application bundle for launching scripts via a url protocol. Target scripts can be written in rb-appscript or (in theory) any other application that can be launched from the command line.
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Appscript Launcher

This application bundle provides an application that allows the launching, via URL protocol, of arbitrary scripts within the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Appscripts/ directory. It is intended for those using rb-appscript tool, but it will launch any ruby script.


  1. Download and install wherever appropriate. I’d reccommend putting it somewhere like ~/Applications/.
  2. Create an “Appscript” directory in ~/Library/Application\ Support/

… or modify the application’s AppleScript Source in Contents/Resources/Scripts to launch whatever you want. Protocol can be changed in Contents/Info.plist.


Place the script you want to use in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Appscript/, as such:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Appscripts/make_coffee.rb

Build a URL to launch the script, passing whatever arguments into the URL as you need:


Further reading

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