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Redo tutorial? Contribution information Will be code reviewed [Haml]/[Sass], punctuation Don’t forget docs Using helpers haml_concat and haml_tag in particular [2.4] Syntax highlighting?


[2.4] Keep track of error offsets everywhere Use this to show error location in messages Just clean up SassScript syntax errors in general Lexer errors in particular are icky See in particular error changes made in c07b5c8


Interpolation shouldn’t make non-interpolated strings escaped under :escape_html I think we can just wrap interpolated code with (), since it’s already interpolated. Can also use () to wrap contents of _haml_temp so that commas throw errors when not in :ugly [2.4] Support finer-grained HTML-escaping in filters [2.4] Allow “!!! HTML5” to set :format => :html5 ? How do we deal with partials? [2.4] :ugly + :html improvements Ignore closing tags where we can Requires Haml parsing refactor Don’t quote attributes that don’t require it


Benchmark the effects of storing the raw template in sassc If it’s expensive, overload RootNode dumping/loading to dup and set @template to nil Then fall back on reading from actual file [2.4] CSS superset [2.4] Classes are mixins Can refer to specific property values? Syntax? [2.4] Pre-parse everything possible: never call Node#interpolate [2.4] Do all parsing in to_tree [2.4] Pull in Compass watcher stuff [2.4] Internationalization Particularly word constituents in Regexps [2.4] Optimization Also comma-folding identical rules where possible Multiple levels 0: No optimization 1: Nothing that changes doc structure No comma-folding 2: Anything that keeps functionality identical to O2 (default) 3: Assume order of rules doesn’t matter Comma-fold even if there are intervening rules that might interfere