create useful infoboxes based on GND-IDs and with data from Wikipedia
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create useful infoboxes based on GND-IDs and enriched with data from Wikipedia!

See the demo at

![A simple Infobx for Rainer Langhans at][screenshot]

[screenshot]: screenshot.png "A simple Infobx for Rainer Langhans at" width="1054px" height="841px"

How it works

After page load wikibox looks for img-elements wrapped by an a-Element. It attaches a css and a data attribute:

<a href="" class="wikibox-gndlink" data-gnd="4058171-8"> 
 <img src="">

If the user clicks on the icon_gnd.gif wikibox.js makes an AJAX request to a gndProxy instance that gathers data from DNB, Wikipedia and Wikidata. The results are parsed and according html-elements are created for your wikibox.



  • download the sources
  • embedd wikibox.css into the html-header
  • embedd wikibox.js into your html-footer
  • you need to configure wikibox.js to let jQuery search at the correct location in your html-page.

Notes & Meta

This script was developed with ♥ as showcase for Coding da Vinci cultural hackathon. Unless it works there is much to improve here to make it more generic and stable. Pull requests are welcome!