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Contributions are very welcome. If you want a feature to be added, chances are it will not happen unless you actually write the code.

Set Up

To get setup, run bundle install. You can run the full test suite with rspec spec/ or rake.

Reporting a bug:

Help us help you 😄! The more information you can provide in your github issue, the better; the very best way to report a bug is to submit a pull-request that shows off the bug you're seeing, and describes both the expected and actual behaviors in as much relevant detail as possible, as well as the steps you've taken to isolate the issue so far.

Add a Feature; fix a Bug

All pull requests which add a feature or fix a bug must have the following things:

  • Integration test(s). These generally go into spec/integration/session_spec.rb, unless it's something specific to the driver, in which case it goes in spec/integration/driver_spec.rb. (So a test for page.driver.resize goes in driver_spec.rb but a test for page.execute_script goes in session_spec.rb.)
  • A good commit message
  • An entry into the changelog. Reference the Github issue number if there is an associated bug report. Feel free to add your name if you want to be credited.

Keep in mind:

  • While PhantomJS is capable of compiling and running CoffeeScript code directly, I prefer to compile the code myself and distribute that (it makes debugging easier). Running rake autocompile will watch the .coffee files for changes, and compile them into lib/capybara/client/compiled.
  • If you've worked on your changes over time, please squash the commits in a sensible manner so that each commit is self-contained. If you need to update a pull request with new changes, you can just git push -f to your branch which will overwrite previous commits that you have now squashed.
  • Please try to pay attention to and follow the existing coding style.

Thanks! It's really great when people help with Poltergeist's development.