sms_query: Show SMS messages and call events from the databse of a Nokia N900.
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sms_query: Show SMS messages and call events from the databse of a Nokia N900.

When I had to send my N900 in for repairs, I really wanted to have access to
its SMS messages. The N900 stores all incoming and outgoing SMS messages and
call events (incluing missed incoming calls) in a SQLite database, so I
copied the database and wrote this script to display all message and events
to/from a given contact. takes zero or more arguments to filter the list of events. The
following filter formats are implemented:

Event type filters:

- "call" or "calls": include (non-missed) voice calls in output

- "missed":  include incoming missed voice calls in output

- "sms": include SMS (text) messages in output

Direction filters:

- "in" or "incoming": include incoming events in output

- "out" or "outgoing": include outgoing events in output

Phone number filters:

- "<num>" or "+<num>": Any numeric term (including terms starting with a '+')
  are interpreted as a phone number. A default country code (+47) will be
  automatically added to (or subtracted from) the phone number, meaning that
  if you give one of "12345678" or "+4712345678", phone numbers matching
  _either_ "12345678" or "+4712345678" will be returned.

Remote name filters:

- Any other search term will be searched for (case-insensitively) in the list
  of remote names (the list of remote senders/recipients of events). This list
  typically includes most names from your contact list, so typing someone's
  name will usually do the Right Thing (tm).

With no arguments given, simply prints _all_ stored events.


- "" prints all stored events

- " 12345678" prints all events to/from phone numbers 12345678 or

- " +4712345678" (same as above)

- " missed" prints all missed voice calls

- " out" prints all outgoing events

- " smith" prints all events to/from a remote name contaning

- " sms out smith" prints outgoing SMS messages to a remote name
  containing "smith"

- " smith call jones in" prints incoming voice calls from either
  "smith" or "jones" was written in 2011 by Johan Herland (
It is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (or later).