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IFS Fractal Visualizer

This is a toy program to render Iterated Function System fractals with Rust and OpenGL. Glium is used for OpenGL and the GUI is provided by imgui-rs.

Basic Idea

An IFS consists of several functions f(x_0, y_0) -> (x, y), each with a given probability. To construct the fractal, start at the origin and do the following:

  1. Draw a point at the current location
  2. Select a function f at random from the IFS
  3. Update the current location by applying f to it
  4. Repeat

This program implements a linear transform with 6 parameters a through f: x = a * x_0 + b * y_0 + e, y = c * x_0 + d * y_0 + f.

Building and running

Just use Cargo: $ cargo run --release


The default IFS is a Barnsley's Fern. Here's a GIF of the visualizer: