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🚧 [WIP] Learning resources and practical tips on how to use Jupyter notebooks for fun & profit.
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Jupyter Notebooks by Example

Learning resources and practical tips on how to use Jupyter notebooks for fun & profit.


What is this?

This is not a Jupyter notebook 101, but expects you to have a working Jupyter environment, and the basic experience of how to use it. Examples are tested on Linux, behaviour on other platforms might differ.

See the next section on what can be found here, including how-tos and complete scenarios for solving typical problems, using Pandas and other scientific Python libraries.

How to use the files in this repository?

The notebooks are grouped into the following categories:

  • setup – Jupyter and IPython setup / configuration.
  • how-tos – Tips & tricks regarding notebooks and data manipulation.
  • visualization – Data visualization how-tos.
  • charts – Vocabulary of chart types done with at least one of the common frameworks.
  • publish – How to publish your results.
  • complete-scenarios – Practical examples from start to finish.
  • data – Data files used in the example notebooks.

The notebooks state any special requirements you need to install to be able to successfully run them, in text or as a comment in the first code cell. Also, the requirements.txt file lists them explicitly, for use with Binder.

Consider the 1and1/debianized-jupyterhub project to get a fully working runtime environment on Debian-like platforms or in a Docker container, with all extensions already installed.



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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

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