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Twissandra with purely java front- and back-end.
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TWISSJAVA: Twitter on Cassandra in Java.

 + Maven: this will load our build deps.
   + Cassandra 0.6: the important thing.
   + Pelops: this is how we talk to the important thing.
   + Wicket: this is how we show other people the important thing.

 + Install Cassandra 0.6 from as well
    as its dependencies (Thrift). 
   + Copy the storage_conf.xml over the default configuration
 + Install Wicket with default packages and structure:
   `mvn archetype:create 
 + Replace default files in the Wicket hierarchy with Twissjava 
    files from this checkout.
 + Include Pelops as a library from

 + Start bin/cassandra
 + java src/test/java/example/ (starts Jetty, our appserver)
   + NOTE: Jetty uses port 8080 by default, which is used for JMX
       for Cassandra. in this checkout has it changed to 8888.
 + localhost:8888
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