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  // you can set the options two ways,
  // either through the constructor:
  $rss = new Aggressor(array(
    'charset' => 'utf-8',
    'userAgent' => 'SomeAgent/0.1'

  // or on the object itself:
  $rss->charset = 'utf-16';
  $rss->userAgent = 'SomeOtherAgent/0.1';

  // fetch a feed
  $rss->get( '' );



At least PHP 5.4 is needed. The last PHP 5.3 compatible commit is ee5eceae2e40f4cfd895cbb4f80aca8eafd12120.


  • string Aggressor::$charset = 'utf-8' must be a valid charset descriptor.

  • bool Aggressor::$CDATA = FALSE sets whether CDATA tags should be stripped from the output or not.

  • bool Aggressor::$HTML = FALSE sets whether HTML tags should be stripped from the output or not.

  • string Aggressor::$cache = FALSE must be either a string depicting a path to a directory where the cached feeds are stored or something evaluating to a boolean false to indicate that no caching should take place.

  • int Aggressor::$expires = 120 sets the cache expiration in seconds.

  • int Aggressor::$itemLimit = 0 sets the number of items returned. Setting it to zero deactivates the limit.

  • string Aggressor::$dateFormat = 'r' sets the date format used in returned object. Setting it to something that evaluates to false (e.g. an empty string) will prevent formatting times and dates given in the feed.

  • string Aggressor::$userAgent = 'RSS Aggressor' sets the user agent to be used in the requests.


  • object Aggressor::get( string $url ) returns the parsed feed.
  • string Aggressor::stripHTML( string $input ) returns input stripped from HTML tags.
  • object Aggressor::parse( string $xml ) returns parsed RSS XML input.
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