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A simple event/issue logger for a happening.

The intended use case for the app is to write down history what happens in a happening -- like in a conference or meetup or LAN party.

It's designed originally for Vectorama 2012 infodesk's internal use.

It's open source and you can setup your own secure private server.

See also live demo at You can use any address * and it's new domain-based channel.

It's implemented for Google Chrome browser, so other browsers might have some bugs lurking around. However I'm happy to fix any problems.


Main code is under the MIT license.

The project uses and includes some external 3rd party libraries:



  1. Paging support
  2. Support for nicks/usernames (maybe by color)
  3. Automatically add labels based on search to new messages?
  4. Link for specific message
  5. Link for specific search
  6. Select box for predefined labels

Wish list:

  • Support for adding labels to old events
  • Format links from messages into HTML links
  • When element is foo#bar -- should it convert it as hashtag or not?
  • Better search engine (maybe using Apache Solr)
  • Syncronize clock to SQL server's time
  • Setup program
  • Options to customize clock and other stuff
  • CLI utility to post messages
  • Clean up scripts/main.js
  • List public channels at
  • UI to "create" new domains
  • Remove deleted messages from browsers cache that didn't submit delete request
  • Support for Visiblity API
  • Trim message fields
  • Join channel -form ** Focus on text field at the start ** Submit the form by enter

Done items:

  • Support for exporting by RSS/Atom feed
  • Reset search form field after use + add better notification when events are filtered by search
  • Focus automatically in to the message box
  • Add REMOTE_ADDR into each event
  • Automatic hostname based "room creation"
  • Change title based on domain in use
  • Option to delete newest events ** Users can now delete their own messages 5 minutes after submit

Known bugs

  • IE had cache problem, fixed.
  • Problem with illegal UTF-8 characters, fixed.
  • URLs like "" will be formated badly
  • When screen is small "fork me on GitHub" might be over the message deletion icon