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Over the last couple of years I worked on a number of open source projects. Most of them were Python, a couple of others however were also C, PHP or other languages mixed in. Talks I held have been moved to a new place on this website.

Projects I've founded are marked with stars (‘*’), others are project I joined. Projects where I helped out for a short period of time are marked with a dagger (‘†’).

Open Source Libraries

  • Pygments — syntax highlighter written in Python. 2005-
  • Jinja — template engine for Python. 2006-
  • Ruty — a port of Django templates to Ruby. 2007
  • Twig — a Django-inspired template engine for PHP (basic implementation, now part of Symphony)
  • phpserialize — implementation of the PHP serialization for Python. 2007
  • Sphinx — a Python documentation tool. 2007-
  • Werkzeug — WSGI utility library for Python. 2007- *
  • Babel — collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications. 2008- *
  • CleverCSS — CSS toolkit for Python, 2009- *
  • GHRML — HAML inspired template engine based on Genshi for Python. 2009 *
  • Flask — a microframework for Python based on good intentions. 2010- *

For a longer list, have a look at my github profile.

small contribtions and libraries are not listed

Open Source Applications

  • Zine — a blog software written in Python. 2007- *
  • MoinMoin — wiki engine written in Python. 2008
  • Plurk Solace — a multilingual support application. 2009-


Projects for Competitions

Commercial Projects

  • Plurk — a microblogging platform. 2008-2009
  • Fireteam — services for games. 2012-