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A fake provider for System.Data.Common.DbConnection and related classes.
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Added basic impl FakeDbDataReader.GetFieldType and NextResult.
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Fake Db Provider for System.Data.Common.DbConnection

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Sometimes mocking just isn't enough, so you need a realistic double. This is where fakes come in.

To get started, I copied the code from here: Entity Framework Test code in github

In order to make this work, I needed to fill in a few places. A proper fake should not throw new NotImplementedException for normal use of properties and methods.

How to use:

Create a new test class, inheriting from AbstractFakeDbTest, like this:

public class MyInsertTests: AbstractFakeDbTest
    private int _commitCount = 0;
    public async void TransactionalSaveDataServer_SaveCausesOneSaveForSingleObject()
        var upsertSaves = 0;
        var scalarExecutes = 0;
        ExecuteNonQueryAsync = (command, token) => Task.FromResult(upsertSaves++);
        ExecuteScalarAsync = (command, token) =>
            return Task.FromResult<object>("My stub scalar");
        FakeConnection.TransactionChanged += OnTransactionChanged;
            var server = new MyClassUnderTest(Connection);
            var saveResult = await server.MySaveMethodAsync("My data to save");
            FakeConnection.TransactionChanged -= OnTransactionChanged;
    protected virtual void OnTransactionChanged(object sender, TransactionChangedEventArgs e)
        => _commitCount = ((e.CurrentValue ?? e.NextValue) as FakeDbTransaction)?.CommitCount ?? 0;
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