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mp4 header reading and writing using the abstract-encoding interface
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This module provides encoders and decoders with the abstract encoding interface.

The module exports the interface for a generic box, including all headers and children (for container boxes) Encodings for many leaf (non-container) boxes, without headers, is available keyed by the box type:

var box = require('mp4-box-encoding')

var buffer = fs.readFileSync('myvideo.mp4')
// decode any box including headers
// decode the entire moov box and its children
var moov = box.decode(buffer.slice(24, 236989))

var moov.mfhd.mtime = new Date() // Change the modification time

// now this is an encoding of the modified moov box
var moofBuffer = box.encode(moov)

// decode the contents of just the stts box
var stts = box.decode(buffer.slice(609, 625))

These encodings are factored out of mp4-stream.



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