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JHipster blueprint, entity-audit blueprint for JHipster

NPM version Generator Integration Test


This is a JHipster blueprint, that is meant to be used in a JHipster application.

You can choose to enable audit for all entities or choose the entities to be audited from a list during generation.

The blueprint will extend the selected entities with AbstractAuditingEntity to enable audits, hence make sure that your entities doesn't have any super class.

This will also add new columns to the entities, so it is ideal to recreate the tables if you are enabling this for existing entities or use incremental changelog.

The Audit log page is optional and can be added by choosing the option while running the generator.

Javers integration

When using sql or mongodb you can use Javers for entity auditing.

The blueprint will add spring-boot integration for javers. Each repository is annotated with the required @JaversSpringDataAuditable annotation. The new class JaversAuthorProvider provides javers with the correct user modifying an entity.


As this is a JHipster blueprint, we expect you have JHipster and its related tools already installed:


To install or update this blueprint:

npm install -g generator-jhipster-entity-audit


To use this blueprint, run the below command



jhipster --blueprints entity-audit

You can look for updated entity-audit blueprint specific options by running

jhipster-entity-audit app --help

And looking for (blueprint option: entity-audit) options.


To use an unreleased version, install it using git.

npm install -g jhipster/generator-jhipster-entity-audit#main
jhipster --blueprints entity-audit --skip-jhipster-dependencies