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Ionic for JHipster

A JHipster Blueprint that generates an Ionic Client

NPM version Generator Integration Test


This is a JHipster blueprint. You can use it to generate an Ionic app that talks to a JHipster backend.


To install or update this blueprint:

npm install -g generator-jhipster-ionic

To update this blueprint:

npm update -g generator-jhipster-ionic


Create a JHipster app using jhipster, or a backend-only with jhipster --skip-client. Choose JWT or OAuth 2.0 as the authentication type.

Create a directory alongside your JHipster app, and run jhipster-ionic in it.

- jhipster-app
- ionic-app

You can also create a JHipster app and an Ionic app at the same time using the following command:

jhipster jdl bug-tracker.jh --blueprints ionic

For available options, you can run:

jhipster-ionic app --help

See your project's generated README for iOS, Android, OpenID Connect, and testing instructions.

Add PWA Support

To add PWA support to your Ionic app, run:

ng add @angular/pwa

Watch use the Angular CLI to transform your Ionic app into a PWA to learn more.


To use an unreleased version, install it using npm + git repository.

npm install -g jhipster/generator-jhipster-ionic
jhipster-ionic --skip-jhipster-dependencies

Updated (or pre-release) generator-jhipster

This blueprint embeds a compatible generator-jhipster version, but it's possible to use an updated generator-jhipster by running the jhipster cli with blueprints option instead of the builtin jhipster-ionic, like:

npm install -g generator-jhipster@latest
jhipster --blueprints ionic


Please read our guidelines before submitting an issue. If your issue is a bug, please use the bug template pre populated here. For feature requests and queries you can use this template.


Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.