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jHipster 6.1.2: Wrong Angular code for one-to-one relationship breaks create/update form #9991

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ksilz opened this issue Jun 25, 2019 · 3 comments
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@ksilz ksilz commented Jun 25, 2019

Overview of the issue

For my Angular / H2 monolith, jHipster generates the wrong create / update class for my Shipment entity which has a one-to-one relationship with ShoppingOrder. It wants to load a non-existent shopping order instead of loading all orders when creating a new shipment.

Here is the stacktrace:

2019-06-25 23:47:56.129 DEBUG 84738 --- [ XNIO-1 task-54] c.b.t.j.aop.logging.LoggingAspect        : Exit: with result = [ShoppingOrderDTO{id=1, name='Ergonomic transmitter', totalAmount=36778.0, ordered='2019-06-25T11:08:05+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=2, name='withdrawal Solomon Islands Licensed', totalAmount=83530.0, ordered='2019-06-25T18:48:17+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=1, buyer='system'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=3, name='magenta Refined Rubber Gloves', totalAmount=67756.0, ordered='2019-06-25T17:08:10+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=1, buyer='system'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=4, name='Buckinghamshire Future-proofed deposit', totalAmount=17436.0, ordered='2019-06-24T23:50:58+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=5, name='synthesize Creative', totalAmount=13752.0, ordered='2019-06-25T06:12:20+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=1, buyer='system'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=6, name='Concrete Global SMS', totalAmount=25794.0, ordered='2019-06-25T16:56:12+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=7, name='parsing', totalAmount=55520.0, ordered='2019-06-25T10:01:22+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=8, name='Vision-oriented', totalAmount=9310.0, ordered='2019-06-24T23:15:07+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=9, name='Human deposit', totalAmount=33902.0, ordered='2019-06-25T15:43:45+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=1, buyer='system'}, ShoppingOrderDTO{id=10, name='bus Internal AI', totalAmount=77987.0, ordered='2019-06-25T01:06:56+02:00[Europe/Berlin]', buyer=2, buyer='anonymoususer'}]
2019-06-25 23:47:56.158  WARN 84738 --- [ XNIO-1 task-56] o.z.problem.spring.common.AdviceTraits   : Bad Request: Failed to convert value of type 'java.lang.String' to required type 'java.lang.Long'; nested exception is java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "undefined"
2019-06-25 23:47:56.159  WARN 84738 --- [ XNIO-1 task-56] .m.m.a.ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver : Resolved [org.springframework.web.method.annotation.MethodArgumentTypeMismatchException: Failed to convert value of type 'java.lang.String' to required type 'java.lang.Long'; nested exception is java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "undefined"]

I added log statements in the same Angular class (lines 57 and 60), so you can see in the browser dev tools console how the else branch is reached:

ShipmentUpdateComponent.ngOnInit.shoppingOrderService.query: orderId: undefined
Motivation for or Use Case

I have a valid JDL file that jHipster imports without reporting an error. However, the generated front-end code doesn't work for one entity.

Reproduce the error
  • Create a new jHipster project with Java 11 by importing my JDL file.
  • Run ./gradlew to start the application.
  • The application will probably fail to load the fake data for the shipment table.
  • Log into the application.
  • Go to the Entities - Shipment menu.
  • Click the Create a new Shipment button.
  • Witness the Bad request. error message appearing and the empty Order drop-own.
Related issues

#9990: For that very same entity, JHipster generates the wrong fake data.

Suggest a Fix

In line 56 of shipment-update.component.ts, take away one of the two ! in front of this.editForm.get('orderId').value.

JHipster Version(s)

JHipster 6.1.2, Java 11

JHipster configuration
my-simple-shop@0.0.0 /Users/karsten/workspaces/me/services/better-projects-faster/bug-reports/jhipster-6.1.2-java-11-test
└── generator-jhipster@6.1.2 

JHipster configuration, a .yo-rc.json file generated in the root folder
.yo-rc.json file
  "generator-jhipster": {
    "databaseType": "sql",
    "devDatabaseType": "h2Disk",
    "enableHibernateCache": true,
    "enableSwaggerCodegen": false,
    "enableTranslation": true,
    "jhiPrefix": "bpf",
    "languages": ["en", "de"],
    "messageBroker": false,
    "nativeLanguage": "en",
    "packageName": "com.betterprojectsfaster.tutorial.jhipsterdocker",
    "packageFolder": "com/betterprojectsfaster/tutorial/jhipsterdocker",
    "prodDatabaseType": "postgresql",
    "searchEngine": false,
    "serviceDiscoveryType": false,
    "skipClient": false,
    "skipServer": false,
    "testFrameworks": ["protractor"],
    "websocket": "spring-websocket",
    "baseName": "my_simple_shop",
    "applicationType": "monolith",
    "authenticationType": "jwt",
    "buildTool": "gradle",
    "cacheProvider": "ehcache",
    "clientFramework": "angularX",
    "useSass": true,
    "clientPackageManager": "npm",
    "jhipsterVersion": "6.1.2",
    "skipUserManagement": false,
    "serverPort": "8080",
    "jwtSecretKey": "bXktc2VjcmV0LXRva2VuLXRvLWNoYW5nZS1pbi1wcm9kdWN0aW9uLWFuZC10by1rZWVwLWluLWEtc2VjdXJlLXBsYWNl",
    "clientTheme": "none",
    "entitySuffix": "",
    "dtoSuffix": "DTO",
    "otherModules": []
  "entities": ["Product", "Address", "ShoppingOrder", "ProductOrder", "Shipment"]
JDL for the Entity configuration(s) entityName.json files generated in the .jhipster directory
JDL entity definitions
entity Product {
  name String required unique minlength(2) maxlength(90),
  price Float required min(0),
  description TextBlob required,
  picture ImageBlob required,
  specification AnyBlob,
  category ProductCategory,
  inventory Integer required min(0)
entity Address {
  addressLine1 String required minlength(2) maxlength(80),
  addressLine2 String minlength(2) maxlength(80),
  city String minlength(2) maxlength(80),
  postalCode String minlength(5) maxlength(5)
entity ShoppingOrder {
  name String required unique minlength(2) maxlength(90),
  totalAmount Float min(0),
  ordered ZonedDateTime
entity ProductOrder {
  amount Integer required min(0) max(5)
entity Shipment {
  shippedAt ZonedDateTime required
enum ProductCategory {

relationship OneToOne {
  Shipment{order(name) required} to ShoppingOrder{shipment required}
relationship OneToMany {
  Product{order required} to ProductOrder{product(name) required},
  ShoppingOrder{orders required} to ProductOrder{overallOrder(name)}
relationship ManyToOne {
  Address{user(login) required} to User,
  ShoppingOrder{buyer(login) required} to User,
  ProductOrder{buyer(login) required} to User,
  Shipment{shippedBy(login) required} to User

dto Product, Address, ShoppingOrder, ProductOrder, Shipment with mapstruct
service Product, Address, ShoppingOrder, ProductOrder, Shipment with serviceClass

Environment and Tools

openjdk version "11.0.3" 2019-04-16
OpenJDK Runtime Environment AdoptOpenJDK (build 11.0.3+7)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM AdoptOpenJDK (build 11.0.3+7, mixed mode)

git version 2.22.0

node: v10.15.3

npm: 6.9.0

yeoman: 2.0.6

Docker version 18.09.2, build 6247962

docker-compose version 1.23.2, build 1110ad01

Entity configuration(s) entityName.json files generated in the .jhipster directory


    "name": "Shipment",
    "fields": [
            "fieldName": "shippedAt",
            "fieldType": "ZonedDateTime",
            "fieldValidateRules": [
    "relationships": [
            "relationshipType": "one-to-one",
            "otherEntityName": "shoppingOrder",
            "otherEntityRelationshipName": "shipment",
            "relationshipValidateRules": "required",
            "relationshipName": "order",
            "otherEntityField": "name",
            "ownerSide": true
            "relationshipType": "many-to-one",
            "otherEntityName": "user",
            "otherEntityRelationshipName": "shipment",
            "relationshipValidateRules": "required",
            "relationshipName": "shippedBy",
            "otherEntityField": "login"
    "changelogDate": "20190625202518",
    "entityTableName": "shipment",
    "dto": "mapstruct",
    "pagination": "no",
    "service": "serviceClass",
    "jpaMetamodelFiltering": false,
    "fluentMethods": true,
    "clientRootFolder": "",
    "applications": [
Browsers and Operating System

macOS Mojave 10.14.4, Safari

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@pmverma pmverma commented Jul 14, 2019

Just a note: I was able to reproduce this error while doing PR #10092 which fixes #9990.

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@pmverma pmverma commented Jul 14, 2019

I just notice that PR #10030 is fixing this same issue.

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@pmverma pmverma commented Jul 15, 2019

Closing this since #10030 is merged.

@pmverma pmverma closed this as completed Jul 15, 2019
@pascalgrimaud pascalgrimaud added this to the 6.2.0 milestone Jul 30, 2019
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