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HipSlacker is a Slack bot that will generate a JHipster application using JHipster Online.


Start by creating your bot in Slack. Once your bot is created, retrieve the bot_user_id and bot_access_token. You can find help on this page.

Create an account on JHipster Online and link it with the GitHub account you want to use.

You will need python 3.7 and pipenv to run the bot.

Configuration and start

Edit the file .env with the correct values.

BOT_ID=<Bot ID of your bot>
SLACK_BOT_TOKEN=<Bot token of your bot>
JHIPSTER_ONLINE_USER=<User for JHipster Online>
JHIPSTER_ONLINE_PWD=<Password for JHipster Online>

And then run the following commands to run the bot.

pipenv install
pipenv shell
python hipslacker.py


To create a JHipster application named my-awesome-app, simply send a message starting with generate to your bot.

For example: @hipslacker generate a microservice with mongodb named my-awesome-app.


  • Name

    • The keyword after named will be the application's name
  • Type

    • monolith (default)
    • microservice
    • gateway
    • uaa
  • Database

    • mysql (default)
    • mariadb
    • postgresql
    • oracle
    • mssql
    • mongodb
    • cassandra
  • Port

    • The keyword after port will be the application's port
  • Git provider

    • github (default)
    • gitlab