JDL Studio is an online JHipster Domain Language visual editor
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Hello, this is JDL-Studio, an online tool for drawing UML diagrams for JHipster based on the JDL syntax. It tries to keep its syntax visually as close as possible to the generated UML diagram without resorting to ASCII drawings.

Created by Deepu KS. Heavily inspired and adapted from nomnoml

JDL-Studio was made possible by these cool projects

Docker image

The official Docker image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/jhipster/jdl-studio/

You can use JDL-Studio offline with :

docker run --rm -it -p 18080:80 jhipster/jdl-studio

The JDL-Studio should be available at: http://localhost:18080 or http://docker-ip:18080

Web application

The JDL-Studio web application is a simple editor with a live preview. It is purely client side and changes are saved to the browser's localStorage, so your diagram should be here the next time, (but no guarantees).


The canvas can be panned and zoomed by dragging and scrolling in the right hand third of the canvas. Downloaded image files will be given the filename in the #title directive.


The JDL syntax is explained here


#arrowSize: 1
#bendSize: 0.3
#direction: down | right
#gutter: 5
#edgeMargin: 0
#edges: hard | rounded
#fill: #eee8d5; #fdf6e3
#fillArrows: false
#font: Calibri
#fontSize: 12
#leading: 1.25
#lineWidth: 3
#padding: 8
#spacing: 40
#stroke: #33322E
#title: filename
#zoom: 1


If you want to contribute to the project more info is available in CONTRIBUTING.md.