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@MathieuAA MathieuAA released this May 31, 2018 · 473 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes

  • JDLObject#hasOption has been removed (not used in the project)
  • JDLReader::parse has been removed (in favor of ::parseFromConfigurationObject
  • The entity and application exporters now return relevant informations:
    • Application exporter: the exported application list
    • Entity exporter: the exported entity list
  • Set is no longer exposed (future removal will happen, maybe)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #60
  • Application generation has been fixed
  • Fixed the skipUserManagement option
  • The databaseType is no longer needed in the DocumentParser (caused an issue when parsing applications)
  • Having DTOs without services is now forbidden
  • Using no as database type now works
  • Different jpaMetamodelFiltering values are now detected when checking for entity equality

New things

  • The class JDLImporter has been developed so as not to use the other ones (DocumentParser, JHipsterEntityExporter, etc.) directly. It has been created to be used in the import-jdl subgen, without having to use other classes.
  • MySQL 8 reserved keywords are in
  • The business checks are now done in a special class (BusinessErrorChecker) instead of doing them just after the JDL is parsed

As a side note, there are no longer react reserved keywords.

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