Hystrix dashboard for JHipster microservices architecture
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JHipster Dashboard

This is the JHipster dashboard, based on Hystrix Dashboard and its Spring Cloud integration integration.

This dashboard is used to monitor Circuit Breakers. To monitor the Hystrix metrics stream of an application point it to the /hystrix.stream endpoint. Please note that this application must be annotated with @EnableHystrixDashboard.

For example to monitor circuit breakers for the gateway:


You can also aggregate several Hystrix streams using the embedded Turbine (a stream aggregator) in JHipster Dashboard by adding the following file to the registry's central configuration source:


        clusterConfig: GATEWAY
    appConfig: gateway

Where turbine.appConfig is a comma separated list of the names of the apps you want to monitor. Then you can access the GATEWAY cluster on the following stream:


For instruction on how to use it please refer to the Hystrix Dashboard documentation.