An IDE for the JHipster Domain Language
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JHipster IDE is an Xtext DSL which provides textual editing support of JHipster Domain Language files for popular IDEs and editors such as Eclipse and Visual Studio Code.


  • JHipster IDE with an JDL editor and shell integration to call JHipster generator directly from the IDE and everything you would expect from a modern IDE editor (syntax coloring, validations, formatting, refactoring, find references etc.).
  • Xdocker - to manage docker images and containers in JHipster IDE.
  • UML Diagramm of the JDL model.

Installation Prerequisites

Eclipse installation

JHipster IDE is available in the Eclipse Marketplace. The easiest way to install it is to drag the following icon Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install JHipster IDE on the start page into your Eclipse or just open the marketplace dialog in Eclipse (Help > Eclipse Marketplace...) and search for JHipster.

Visual Studio Code installation

Search for jhipster and install/reload code.

Atom installation

Search for jhipster and install/reload atom.