Kotlin based JHipster
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⚠️ Status: In Development

This project is currently in development. We would love ❤️ to see you to use it and give us your feedback and help in shaping this project 💪

Greetings, Kotlin Hipster!

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This project adds Kotlin to the JHipster application 😎. It is based on JHipster Blueprint 🔵.

🚀 How to get started

To generate an application run jhipster --blueprint kotlin

🚦 What we have now

(⚠️This list is not tested exhaustively - denotes default options are working.⚠️)

General App generation

Spring Controller

Spring Service

⚠️Entity generation ⚠️

❤️ for community

🗣 Conversations 🗣 are happening here

Found an issue 🐞 , let us know here.

Interested in contributing 🎉🎉🎉🎉 , check out our contributing guide to get started.

With JHipster we can generate a wide range of applications (26000) 😮. Would love ❤️ to get it tested. 🤓