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Prettier Java Plugin
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🚧 Work in Progress! 🚧

Build Status

Prettier Java

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How it works

A Prettier plugin must first parse the source code of the target language into a traversable data structure (Usually an Abstract Syntax Tree) and then print out that data structure in a "pretty" style.

Prettier-Java uses a Java-Parser implemented in JavaScript using the Chevrotain Parser Building Toolkit for JavaScript. What this means is that unlike many other prettier plugins, prettier-java has no additional runtime pre-requisites (e.g: Python executable). It could even be used inside a browser.


  • Parser package alpha version done.
  • Now Investigating the re-printer (actually prettier-java package)

Road map to Alpha


Contributions are very welcome. See the contribution guide to get started. And the Help Wanted issues.


Special thanks to @thorbenvh8 for creating the original prettier-java plugin and the associated Java Parser implemented in JavaScript.

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