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This is now conidered deprecated Please consider using https://www.npmjs.com/package/raml2html-confluencewiki-theme


A simple RAML to Wiki (Confluence / JIRA Markup) documentation generator, written for Node.js.

Confluence / Jira wiki Process

Output can be pasted into Confluence, using the Insert Markup feature;

Wiki menu

Wiki insert


npm i -g raml2wiki


As a command line script

raml2wiki example.raml > example.txt
raml2wiki -i example.raml -o example.txt
raml2wiki -s -i example.raml -o example.txt

Example Output

Start of Wiki Page

Start of Wiki Page

Example Endpoint Section

Example Endpoint

You can add the -p flag in order to use an alternative template where resources are in collapsed panels, as per the below image;

Alternative Template

This script uses the parsing method and raml2obj script by Kevin Renskers (https://github.com/raml2html/raml2obj)