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General Resources & Beginner Guides

If you are new to Capistrano 2.x please read Getting Started, once you are familiar with the basics you may want to read From the beginning which is a much more detailed tutorial.

You may also want to read, and or contribute to the Capistrano handbook - an immature document that holds some really useful tips, but needs a lot more work!

Frameworks & Tools

Intermediate Resources

Reference Resources

Useful Background Knowledge (3rd Party Articles)

Semi-Official Extensions

3rd Party Extensions

  • capistrano-windows-server Deploy Rails apps to Windows servers
  • capistrano-offroad For deploying non-rails apps, specially Django
  • capistrano_winrm Run commands against MS Windows servers with WinRM
  • capify-ec2 A number of utilities to help with deploying to amazon ec2 instances
  • resque_utils Helper tasks for remote Resque deployments (requeue & remove failed jobs)
  • capistrano-ash For deploying Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and Zend/Doctrine apps
  • play-capistrano For deploying/controlling remote Play Framework apps
  • capifony For deploying symfony and Symfony2 apps
  • capcake extension of Capistrano, deploy CakePHP apps
  • capistrano-deploytags Track your current and all previous releases with Git tags automatically at deployment time ## 3rd Party Tutorials

Seeking Assistance

Help first and foremost via the Capistrano Google Group. Community support is also also often available in #Capistrano on freenode.

There are extensive archives of questions and answers also at, tagged #capistrano.

For bugs and problems please open an issue in the lighthouse project tracker - preferably with a patch, test-case, or steps-to-reproduce. Pull requests on Github will be ignored without a corresponding ticket, as there is no history of changes or forum for discussion without submitting a ticket.

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