Detection of microblogs novel events using an online variant of topic model
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This package contains scripts and python tools for running an online implementation of LDA.

Directory Structure and Files

  • input: the input directory; contains example input files for testing the program.
  • main program that runs online LDA.
  • script that drives the online lda system.
  • stopwords.txt: a list of common stopwords to remove when generating the vocabulary.
  • complementary program that manages the update of vocabulary in documents.

Running the System

  • Generate input files according to the input format in the input directory.
  • Execute
  • System output are generated in output-time_slice directories.

Input Format

  • time_slice.text: text of the documents, one line per document;
  • time_slice.time: time information of the documents, each line maps to the document that has the same line number in time_slice.text.

Parameter Settings

Most parameter values (number of cores to use, minimum frequency threshold of vocabulary, etc) are set in The number of topics, T, is specified in The size of the sliding window is fixed at 2 time slices. Modification of the code is required to change this parameter.

Credits & Licensing


  • Jey Han Lau, Nigel Collier and Timothy Baldwin (2012). On-line Trend Analysis with Topic Models: #twitter trends detection topic model online. In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2012), Mumbai, India.