Simple migration tool for cassandra backed projects via CQL
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Migrate WIP

Updates a cassandra database by executing cql 3 files

Requires leiningen v2.x.x and a running cassandra server v1.1.x


  • Executes cql commands from file
  • Records history of executed migration files


From Standalone

download the latest jar here

then run

java -jar cql-migrate-<release>-standalone.jar [SWITCHES] ... [COMMAND]

for full list of switches and commands run

 java -jar cql-migrate-<release>-standalone.jar [SWITCHES] ... [COMMAND]


From source

you can use leiningen to build a jar or run directly


The migration tool must be initialized before running any migrations.

From root run

  1. lein repl
  2. (initialize)

This will only run once otherwise it will throw an error

TODO roll this into the migrate function

Migrate file generation

  • Migration files must be valid cql 3. For more information see cql 3 reference.

  • The migrate tool will look for these files in ./migrations/

  • The migrate tools comes with a function to generate migration file names. To use run:

    1. lein repl
    2. (migrate-name "some description")

    This will print to stdout something like 201208220190809_some_description.cql

    If you just want the formated timestamp use (migrate-name). This will return just the timestamp

TODO Add function to create an empty migration file with a formated name


  • lien run


  • lien test *

* requires a running cassandra server