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This is a WordPress child theme of the Yoko theme.

It consists of minor modifications primarily, to:

  • Better handle wide pre tag content as is common for code and command line examples.
  • Adds a few new page templates that, unlike the base Yoko templates, do not allow comments.
  • Changes the footer so it is clear that this theme is not vanilla Yoko
  • When a post is made/updated, dashes in the permalink will be converted to underscores


  • Download and install the Yoko theme from the WP themes site.
  • Checkout this git repo under $wpdir/wp-content/themes/

The file tree should look something like this:

              ├── yoko
              └── yokogeek


Activate the "yokogeek" theme via the WP admin panel under Apperance->Themes then follow the excellent Yoko Documentation.

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