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i no longer run Exchange on Premises.

Exchange Cluster Node Maintenance Mode Utilities


Exchange Cluster Node Maintenance Mode Utilities


Apply an Exchange Cumulative Update, with the optional AD and Schema updates, and additional UM language packs update.

Please read the Release Notes from Microsoft carefully, some updates need an Active Directory schema and/or Active Directory and/or Active Directory domain updates. If this is the case, please use the "Prepare" Switch on ONE Node! Nevertheless, please keep in mind, that you do NOT need to run the command with this Switch more than once. However, even if, the Switch will not harm in any kind, it is just a waste of time, and the installation will take longer.


PowerShell 5.0, or later. Windows (Will not work on MacOS or Linux, at least not yet). Exchange 2013 SP1, or later, or Exchange 2016 CU5, or later (PowerShell Module must be installed)


Powershell Gallery (PS 5.0, Preferred method) install-module ExchangeNodeMaintenanceMode

Manual Installation iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("")

Or clone this repository to your local machine, extract, go to the .\releases\ExchangeNodeMaintenanceMode directory and import the module to your session to test, but not install this module.


  • Get-ExchangeAdminExecution
  • Get-ExchangeExecutionPolicy
  • Invoke-ApplyExchangeCumulativeUpdate
  • Invoke-Exchange2016Workaround
  • Set-ExchangeNodeMaintenanceModeOff
  • Set-ExchangeNodeMaintenanceModeOn
  • Test-ExchangeNodeMaintenanceMode
  • Restart-ExchangeClusterNode

Latest Version


  • CHANGED: Change Date back to ISO (Internal)
  • CHANGED: Framework modules (ModuleBuild, platyPS) to latest stable version
  • CHANGED: Implement permanent Workaround from and


Please feel free to contribute by opening new issues or providing pull requests. For the best development experience, open this project as a folder in Visual Studio Code and ensure that the PowerShell extension is installed.

  • [Visual Studio Code]
  • [PowerShell Extension]

This module is tested with the PowerShell testing framework Pester. To run all tests, just start the included test script .\Build.ps1 -test or invoke Pester directly with the Invoke-Pester cmdlet in the tests directory. The tests will automatically download the latest meta test from the claudiospizzi/PowerShellModuleBase repository.

Other Information

Author: Joerg Hochwald


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