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Bitcoin Mempool Statistics

This is the code to create the mempool statistics for bitcoin that are online at

Installation: Part 1 - Logging

You need to be running a bitcoin full node. It can be a pruned node or an archival node. I assume you have already set it up. You also need to support RPC to this node. Add rpcuser/rpcpassword to bitcoin.conf to enable this.

I recommend to create a new user mempool. Checkout this repository into his home directory:

sudo -H -u mempool bash
cd $HOME
git clone

Edit to adapt paths as necessary, especially the path to bitcoin-cli. Add a bitcoin.conf with rpcuser/rpcpassword settings to /home/mempool/.bitcoin, to be able to use bitcoin-cli. You can test your setup by running

bitcoin-cli getmempoolinfo

Install mysql and create a database. Then you can test your configuration by running If you don't want to use mysql, comment out the four lines starting with open(SQL at the end of In that case zooming and auto-update in the webinterface won't work.

sudo apt install mysql_server
mysql -u root -p <<EOF
create database btc_mempool;
create user 'mempool'@'localhost' identified by '<secret password>';
create user 'www'@'localhost' identified by '<redacted>';
grant all privileges on btc_mempool.* TO 'mempool'@'localhost';
grant select on btc_mempool.* TO 'www'@'localhost';
cat > ~/.my.cnf <<EOF
password=<secret password>
cd mempool
perl | mysql btc_mempool

You are almost ready now. Check that everything works. There should be a file mempool.log containing one line of statistics. There should be newly created files in /dev/shm/mempool-btc that contain the dynamic data the webserver should serve. If everything looks fine add the following crontab entry (using crontab -e):

* * * * * /home/mempool/mempool/ 

Installation: Part 2 - Web service

Install a web server of your choice. For refreshing/zooming you need php and php-mysql. Then link/copy the web subdirectory to the web root. Finally link to the dynamic js files in /dev/shm/mempool-btc.

cd $HOME/mempool/web/queue
sudo ln -s $HOME/mempool/web/* /var/www/html
ln -s /dev/shm/mempool-btc/*.js $HOME/mempool/web/queue/

You then need to open $HOME/mempool/web/queue/mempool.js in your favorite editor and change the config array to include your web server configuration.