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A C# client for the Box API (v2).
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Hey! Don't Use This!

Box has released an official .Net SDK. As such I (jhoerr) will no longer be actively developing this SDK. Please migrate your application as appropriate.

Box C# SDK (API v2)

This is a C# client implementation of the Box v2 REST API. Please feel free to open an issue if you find a bug or would like to request a feature.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


This client is available on Nuget. There is also an MVC-based example of the Box OAuth2 authentication flow available.

Release Notes

2.0 (21 Mar 2013)

  • On-Behalf-Of
  • Pagination of folder item collections
  • Improved error handling, including optional one-time retry of failed (500) requests.
  • Ability to disable shared links
  • Ability to convert enterprise users to standalone users
  • Folder sync state
  • File uploads are now directed to
  • Bug: Misbehavior when creating shared link with default values. (h/t to everettevola)
  • Breaking Change: All fields have been reimplemented as enumerations specific to their type. That is, folder operations take FolderFields. This was done to more accurately specify which properties could be returned for the operation.

1.3 (30 Jan 2013)

  • Search
  • File thumbnails
  • File/Folder path collections now provided
  • Bug: Strings are now trimmed, which prevents request problems in certain circumstances
  • Bug: File/Folder size would fail to deserialize when very large
  • Bug: Boolean values in query strings were improperly serialized
  • Breaking Change: File/Folder Path and PathId have been removed from the API
  • Breaking Change: File/Folder Size is now a double (was an int)

1.2 (15 Jan 2013)

  • Now honoring the HTTP 202 Retry-After header when attempting to download file contents.
  • Faster performance when uploading files.

1.1 (11 Jan 2013)

  • Bug: BoxException information is now properly saved.
  • Breaking Change: The BoxManager constructor signatures have changed to resolve ambigious method call errors in Visual Studio.
  • Breaking Change: The enterprise-level User methods have all changed to resolve an issue that could potentially lead to data loss.

1.0 (25 Dec 2012)

  • Initial release

Known Issues

  • Support for several features is planned but not yet available, including Trash.
  • Long-polling of events is not currently supported due to limitations in the underlying request model.

Usage Example

/** Authorization **/

// Create a OAuth2 access/refresh token provider using your API key/secret.
var tokenProvider = new TokenProvider("apiKey", "apiSecret");

// Fetch the initial token pair using the OAuth2 authorization code...
// You will want to persist these new values for later use.
var initialTokenPair = tokenProvider.GetAccessToken("code");

// You can also refresh the token pair.
// You will want to persist these new values for later use.
var newTokenPair = tokenProvider.RefreshAccessToken("refreshToken");

/** Box Interaction **/

// Instantiate a BoxManager client.
var boxManager = new BoxManager(newTokenPair.AccessToken);

// Create a new file in the root folder
boxManager.CreateFile(Folder.Root, "a new file.txt", Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("hello, world!"));

// Fetch the root folder
var folder = boxManager.GetFolder(Folder.Root);

// Find a 'mini' representation of the created file among the root folder's contents
var file = folder.Files.Single(f => f.Name.Equals("a new file.txt"));

// Get the file with all properties populated.
file = boxManager.Get(file);

// Rename the file
file = boxManager.Rename(file, "the new name.txt");

// Create a new subfolder
var subfolder = boxManager.CreateFolder(Folder.Root, "my subfolder");

// Move the file to the subfolder
file = boxManager.Move(file, subfolder);

// Write some content to the file
using (var stream = new MemoryStream(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("goodbye, world!")))
    file = boxManager.Write(file, stream);

// Read the contents to a stream and write them to the console
using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
    boxManager.Read(file, stream);
    using (var reader = new StreamReader(stream))
        stream.Position = 0;
        Console.Out.WriteLine("File content: '{0}'", reader.ReadToEnd());

// Delete the folder and its contents
boxManager.Delete(subfolder, recursive: true);

As an enterprise administrator you can create a client and perform Box operations on behalf of another user.

// Instantiate a BoxManager client.
var boxManager = new BoxManager("AccessToken", onBehalfOf: "");

// ... do stuff as that user
// ... use your power only for awesome!


(c) 2012-2013 John Hoerr, The Trustees of Indiana University

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