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IcoMoon (icomoon.io), created by Keyamoon, is a fantastic web service for creating your own icon fonts. The App has options to choose free icons sets, pay-to-use sets, or to just upload your own SVG files to create your own custom fonts. The App allows sessions to be stored as JSON files and loaded back later, so each of your sets can be reloaded and adjusted later.

The CSS and fallback JS support are really solid, not to mention that the array of icon fonts avaliable is just fantastic.

We have included our JSON file here, if someone were so inclined as to want to edit or expand the SVGs in the font itself. The index.html is auto-generated from IcoMoon as contains a sample of all the gyphs and the unicode positions.

The JS file included in the PE-Analog Clock package (pe-analogclock-oldie.js) is a modification of what IcoMoon supplies to provide support for IE7 browsers and below, who do not support the :before pseudo element.

Thanks very much to Keyamoon for making such a great service.