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Merge pull request #24 from buzzedword/master

Add outline feature to lists
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2 parents 4d553cf + 7692daa commit 665a989db6094ccab0ce789113664d2cf1aea486 @jhollingworth committed
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 src/bootstrap-wysihtml5.js
6 src/bootstrap-wysihtml5.js
@@ -20,8 +20,10 @@
"lists": "<li>" +
"<div class='btn-group'>" +
- "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='insertUnorderedList'><i class='icon-list'></i></a>" +
- "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='insertOrderedList'><i class='icon-th-list'></i></a>" +
+ "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='insertUnorderedList' title='Unordered List'><i class='icon-list'></i></a>" +
+ "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='insertOrderedList' title='Ordered List'><i class='icon-th-list'></i></a>" +
+ "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='Indent' title='Indent'><i class='icon-indent-left'></i></a>" +
+ "<a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='Outdent' title='Outdent'><i class='icon-indent-right'></i></a>" +
"</div>" +

1 comment on commit 665a989


I'm wondering what html these new commands are generating? The commands are not supported by wysihtml5 and the browser will most probably generate inline styles here (which is not how wysihtml5 editors should work). Also you might have to adjust the parser rules.

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